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Gerald Celente on Ireland AM about US election

Joining Ireland AM to share his thoughts on the US Presidential Race is renowned trend forecaster, Gerald Celente.

The Southern Oceans Are Getting Greener and Cooler, Proving “Global Warming” Alarmists WRONG, Again

The Southern Oceans are getting greener and cooler as the amount of marine plants (phytoplankton) has been increasing in the last 21 years. These changes appear to be happening faster during the winter, which suggests that the growing season is getting longer. This is important because the Southern Ocean has a big role in the biology and chemistry of the oceans, and in regulating the Earth's climate. This work was done using 21 years of data from two NASA satellites, coinciding with Al Gore's now infamous predictions of doom and gloom from global warming. The concentration of chlorophyll is also an indicator for the amount of photosynthetic plankton, or phytoplankton, present in the ocean. Phytoplankton populations are influenced by climatic factors such as sea surface temperatures and winds.

New Zealand Attacks – Enforced Multiculturalism Fails Again! Islam Uses Attack To Gain More Ground!

The events in New Zealand are indicative of the authorities ignoring the pleas and cries from the local citizens that they are concerned and unhappy about the enforced invasion of Islam and third world migrants. It is indicative of the authority ignoring the real danger Islam presents to the Western way of life. An Imam in Ireland is already taking advantage of the tragic events in New Zealand saying he is concerned about "islamophobia". Clearly Irish people are not allowed to be unhappy with their own assimilation and the conquest of their nation.

Is Multiculturalism or Islam or Socialism or the One World Order Destroying Our Nations & Culture?

Allastriona asks Elvis, a Christian from Iran in exile in UK what he thinks is causing the downfall of The West. Clearly the degree of multiculturalism is important, if it is similar culture like the differing European nations, it is fine, but if it is a huge difference in culture, it is guaranteed to clash. Architecture is a good indication of the closeness between cultures. Like European architecture that went to USA with the British and Irish but had Italian and Greek influences and there was no problems with this. However mixing very different cultures might seem novel and fun at first, when you talk about food and coffee table experiences, but when you go deeper there are serious clashes. This is mostly because many of these cultures are rooted in religion. This must be why the establishment is working so hard to destroy religions, to make it easier to create a One World Order. [embed][embed] However it was Christi

EU and its Sock Puppet, Ireland, Use Lies and Hard Border Scare Tactics To Get UK To Abandon BRexit

The current generation is not the lost generation, they are the created generation that has been bred and raised to betray their own country, betray their own culture, betray their own heritage, betray their own ancestors, betray their own descendants and even their own race. The occupation Irish government is using fake indignation and false flags to scaremonger people out of BRexit. Freedom of movement between Ireland and UK was established in 1922 - it has nothing to do with the EU! UK voted to leave, not to negotiate or ask permission, Leave means leave. Ireland should be leaving with the British (their second largest trading partner after USA) and not becoming an EU inserted thorn in Britain's side. Who do the EU officials think they are interfering with UK politics by calling for a second referendum? Hopefully it will backfire like it did when the traitor Obama tried to tell the British what to do. There is no cavalry, YOU are th

Boycott the Boycotters: Here’s The Complete List of Companies Boycotting Tucker Carlson’s Show on Fox News

Fiery conservative commentator Tucker Carlson has never had a problem speaking his mind. For better or for worse, the Fox News host’s public opinions are unfiltered and raw, which contributes to his sizable following. Given Carlson’s unabashed approach to sociopolitical discourse, he has made his fair share of leftist rivals. Sometimes, as is the case with CNN, those leftists have no discernible comeback other than to mock him. Other leftists, however, have taken to aiming for Carlson’s wallet when he says something that might hurt their feeling. Carlson is facing the wrath of leftists over a comment he made on his show while decrying rampant and unchecked immigration into America. Tucker Carslon responded on Monday night that he is “not intimidated” by the backlash and stands by what he said last week.. “That’s what we said. It’s true,” Carlson said. “Those who won’t shut up get silenced. … The enforcers scream ‘Racist!’ on Twitter unti

Abortion is NOT politics! Kids who were saved from abortion thank Donald Trump for pro-life policies with a letter campaign

Stanton Healthcare, a Boise, Idaho-based pro-life women’s clinic with affiliates across the country and internationally, announced today that it will bring letters from children across the United States to President Trump thanking him for implementing pro-life policies. “During the 2019 March for Life and Roe v. Wade memorial in Washington, D.C., Stanton Healthcare is bringing young children to our nation’s capital whose lives have been saved from abortion,” said Brandi Swindell, Stanton’s Founder and CEO. “They will not be coming alone, however. They will be bringing thank you letters and cards to President Trump from children all across America thanking our President for his courageous stand for life and working to end abortion. Suddenly, abortion is no longer a political issue but an issue involving real children and their futures.” The group believes this initiative, called “Thank U Mr. President,” will “change the narrative on abortion in our

The NEW WORLD ORDER was not a conspiracy theory after all! It commences December 11, 2018 in Marrakech, Morocco!

So, the NEW WORLD ORDER was not a conspiracy theory after all! The world supremacist United Nations and its greedy Multinational sponsors have schemed and planned and goaded and manipulated and bribed over the last few years, culminating in acceptance of their contract with the devil on December 11, 2018 in Marrakech, Morocco. where all our treasonous leaders will sign over authority for all our country's borders, to the United Nations.

Alyssa Milano Says “Trump Using Cult Force” On Live TV – She Has Lost Her Friggin Marbles!

Only days after her disgraceful insensitive showing at the Kavanaugh hearing, with an extremely low cut top, Alyssa Milano has once again proven she lives in la la land by claiming that Trump woos his voters with some kind of "cult force"...   Who's The Boss now?

USA will soon be more Irish than Ireland! Nazism has come to Ireland HD

USA will soon be more Irish than Ireland! Nazism has come to Ireland which is being pushed off the cliff into Totalitarianism. Voting for Michael D again is one of the most blatantly flabbergasting acts the Irish have committed in recent years, and there have been quite a few. What is even scarier is what are they going to replace Ireland with? Already there is a Europe wide Blasphemy law to protect Islamic Pedophiles, implemented on the very day brainwashed Ireland voted to remove the Blasphemy law which protected Christianity... The occupation regime has complete control of the country and soon there will be no Ireland anymore... Weaponising and using Feelings to Force Us into Diversity. Ireland did not "Become" Diverse, it is Deliberately and Forcibly Being Made Multicultural by Ruling Elites and Oligarchs Using "Fweelings" as a weapon... WAKING UP IN A MENTAL HOME: A typical example is

The Allied Carpet Bombing of Germany in WWII was so Heavy it Damaged Earth’s Atmosphere! – Study

Intense Bombing raids by Allied forces during the Second World War, non stop over a 3 month period, not only caused tragic devastation on the ground but also sent shockwaves up through the Earth’s atmosphere which were detected at the edge of space, according to new research. University of Reading researchers have revealed the shockwaves produced by huge bombs dropped by Allied planes on European cities were big enough to weaken the electrified upper atmosphere – the ionosphere – above the UK, 1,000km away.
Researchers at the University of Reading studied atmospheric response records during the time of 152 Allied bombing raids between 1943 and 1945, using data collected by the Radio Research Centre in Slough, UK. Their findings were published in Annales Geophysicae this week.

Ireland grudgingly recieves 13 Billion windfall tax from Apple. What will it be spent on? Migrants? Refugees? Gay Rights? Abortion?

While Ireland struggles under massive problems in public housing, health, unemployment and other basic sectors, one can only wonder if an extra 13.1 Billion Euros will help alleviate the problems or will it also go astray and be used by the left wing Irish Government to further its Marxist policies and invasion of Ireland by 3rd worlders? Proving Ireland's total lack of actual independence, Apple has finally been forced to pay, and Ireland has been forced to take, the 13.1 Billion Euros it owes Ireland in back taxes by the European Union. Apple which has more than $250 Billion in cash, more than most countries, just sitting stashed in offshore accounts, could easily feed all the starving in the world yet they spend so much time and money virtue signalling about how noble and moral and "cool" they are... cool does not feed the hungry. As a result European Union antitrust regulators plan to drop legal action against Ireland after iPhone maker Apple paid the country €

#GCP #NationalizeGoogle? Google Warned: Stop Your Treason and “Don’t Do Evil” or We The People Will Come After You.

Steve Reports that Google is planning a return to China with a censored search engine. Elitism: This most important term is not actually the elite, you can be part of the elite and still be on the side of the people, but elitism, elitism is an ideology that prioritises the interests of those at the top, and has been the dominant ideology in American politics for the last few decades. A big part of elitism is globalism, the idea that we should put some vague notion of the Global interests ahead of the National interest. There was a story this week that is a perfect encapsulation of elitist globalist thinking and I want to start with it tonight. It was reported that tech giant Google is working with the Chinese government to develop a search engine that implements the regime's censorship of information it does not like. This is part of Google's plan to get back into China after it pulled out in 2010 in protest of the Chinese Governments hacking of Gmail. This story i

Absentee Bondholders? Ireland is 3rd Biggest Holder of US Treasury Bonds: $314,000,000,000 – Equal to it’s Annual GDP! Yet Ireland Benefits Little

A recent drop in Irish held US Bonds and Russia selling off most of its US Treasury Bonds, has once again highlighted the fact that Ireland is the third largest US Treasury Bond holder in the world, where Bonds held in Ireland equal the country's annual economic output (GDP)! However this pot of gold is not Irish.

Supremacist MultiNational Corporations Are Worth More Than Most Countries But Have No Loyalty or Accountability to Citizens

Many large Multinational Corporations have more money than entire countries with annual revenues so colossal, that they dwarf the economies of many big countries across the globe. However, the world’s most profitable and successful businesses do not always have stellar reputations or loyalties, yet people dream of working for them and worship them and their mass produced products...