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Norway allowed to dump military-aged African men in Ireland but won’t take any themselves

Official Eurostat figures show the vast majority of asylum seekers in Europe are military-aged men. Here are some graphs. There are over half a million failed asylum seekers in Italy who have been ferried across the Mediterranean by NGOs in a coordinated manner with fake rescue operations. Broadcast: Nine O’Clock News | RTÉ One | […]

Is Multiculturalism or Islam or Socialism or the One World Order that is Destroying Our Nations and Culture?

Allastriona asks Elvis, a Christian from Iran in exile in UK what he thinks is causing the downfall of The West. Clearly the degree of multiculturalism is important, if it is similar culture like the differing European nations, it is fine, but if it is a huge difference in culture, it is guaranteed to clash. Architecture is a good indication of the closeness between cultures. Like European architecture that went to USA with the British and Irish but had Italian and Greek influences and there was no problems with this.

Innocence is Not The Same As Ignorance, Which is Putting People’s Lives in Danger!

The E.U. struggled to make a deal with China without the UK and Italian Support. Seems China knows EU is NOT Europe! How long will Mother's Day survive under the current culture of Islamic apologism and appeasement, where anything from our christian values is an open target. Now Mother's Day is even insulting to the transgender cry babies... China, who the EU is always pointing at as an enemy does not want to do trade deals with EU because UK was not there. However China is used as an excuse to form the EU army as if the EU was Europe. When it is clear the EU is about the German and French and the smaller nations are just there give it legitimacy. [embed][embed] Smaller countries like Ireland are really irrelevant no matter how far they bend over. Not having any real conservative voice, Ireland is being destroyed by the left, including the so called centre right mainstream parties who embrace left wing policies. Innocence

“Italy’s Gold belongs to the people, not Banksters”: Salvini moves to seize reserves from private Central Bank

Italy's government is pushing ahead with new laws challenging the central bank's control of the country's reserves. Rome is calling for public ownership of the nation's gold.
The ruling coalition of the anti-establishment 5-Star Movement and the League parties proposed two bills that have evoked nationwide controversy over the country’s long-standing financial and monetary system. One draft law may, reportedly, oblige the central bank’s owners to sell their shares to the Italian Treasury at prices from the 1930s, while the second law is set to declare Italian nationals to be the owners of the Bank of Italy’s reserves.
“The gold belongs to the Italians, not to the bankers. We are ready to battle everywhere in Italy and to bring Italians to the streets if necessary,” said Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy opposition party, as quoted by the Wa

Patriotic Salvini Wants To Reduce Central Bank To Zero and Banksters Should “end up in prison for a long time.”

On Friday, in a moment of predictive insight, Bank of America correctly warned that the greatest threat to EPS - i.e., markets - in the next 3 years "is an acceleration of global populism via taxation, regulation & government intervention." Just one day later, this warning to the financial establishment was starkly manifest in that ground zero for Europe's populist revolt, Italy, where the country's coalition government hinted at where the global populist wave is headed next when he slammed the country’s central bank leadership and stock market regulator, escalating its attacks on establishment figures ahead of the European parliamentary vote in May. Matteo Salvini, the outspoken head of the anti-immigrant League party, said the Bank of Italy and Consob, the country’s stock market regulator, should be "reduced to zero, more than changing one or two people, reduced to zero", or in other words eliminated, and that “fraudsters” who inflicted losses on Itali

Salvini Threatens To Sue Fake Rescue NGOs For Not Going To Nearest Safe Port!

Italy's interior minister Matteo Salvini said on Sunday he was gathering legal evidence against the crew of a Dutch-flagged rescue ship as calls grew for 47 migrants to be allowed to land. "We have concrete elements to declare that the captain and crew of the Sea Watch 3 have put the lives of those on board at risk by disobeying precise directions days ago to disembark them in the nearest port, not Italy!" he said. "The evidence will be handed to the judicial authorities," he said, accusing captain and crew of "a crime and a clear desire to use these immigrants in a political battle". Salvini has refused to open the ports to the mainly sub-Saharan African migrants rescued in the Mediterranean over a week ago, saying the ship had had a chance to make port as it sailed through Libyan, Tunisian and Maltese waters. "The interior minister is gathering elements to evaluate whether to press charges against the entire Sea Watch crew for favouring illegal immigration," the

Salvini Goes On The Offensive For May Elections: French “Can Do Better Than Terrible Macron”

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s opinionated deputy PM, said that he hopes the French people can rid themselves of the “terrible” leadership of President Emmanuel Macron. Salvini’s jibe is the latest salvo in an ongoing feud with Paris. "I hope that the French will be able to free themselves from a terrible president," the populist leader said in a Facebook video posted on Tuesday. "The opportunity will come on May 26 [the European Parliament elections] when finally the French people will be able to take back control of its future, destiny, pride, which are poorly represented by a character like Macron.” While French voters will not be exactly replacing Macron in the upcoming elections, his En Marche! movement is expected to lose ground to right-wing rival Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party. The more nationalists France sends to the European Parliament, the bigger the blow to Macron’s Europhilic ambitions, which include sharing of sovereignty with France’s n

Selling Kith, Kin and Country for EU Coin – While The EU Crashes and Ireland Has NO Plan B

Bono & Leo - Selling Kith, Kin and Country for EU Coin While The EU Crashes and Socialist Ireland Has NO Plan B! As Merkel starts her exit, hapless Macron who has been primed to take over lead in EU is having serious problems of his own. When the loss of UK hits EU and their budget, EU will get yet another knock to add to Italy ignoring EU dictates on their national Budget and Eastern Europe standing in Solidarity against enforced mass immigration.   Meanwhile EU and the Irish Regime are smuggling in as many Africans into UK over the non existent NI border, as many as 30 per night are being bussed from Dublin Airport... Maggie Thatcher's words and criticism of John Major signing the Maastricht Treaty are becoming true 30 years on... The more you educate yourself about EU the more you learn it gives you no choice but to resist it... Wake up and start fighting back - we will need to make sacrifices... so

The NEW WORLD ORDER was not a conspiracy theory after all! It commences December 11, 2018 in Marrakech, Morocco!

So, the NEW WORLD ORDER was not a conspiracy theory after all! The world supremacist United Nations and its greedy Multinational sponsors have schemed and planned and goaded and manipulated and bribed over the last few years, culminating in acceptance of their contract with the devil on December 11, 2018 in Marrakech, Morocco. where all our treasonous leaders will sign over authority for all our country's borders, to the United Nations.
In true Liberal World Order deceptive double

Time for #Irexit and #IrelandFirst Because Collapsing EU has no Plan B – Leo Varadkar is on The Wrong Side of History

IRELAND’s “slavish” devotion to their "sacred cow", the European Union, is not only essentially distracting Ireland from the inherent danger of remaining tethered to a collapsing Brussels, but also from the importance of continuing good relations with Britain after BRexit, a former diplomat has warned. After all UK and Ireland had good relations prior to the EU and UK is Ireland's largest trading partner.

Writing for London-based think tank Politea, Dr Ray Bassett, warned Dublin the entire future of the bloc was “in doubt” and urged Irish leaders to put Ireland’s interests first. Concerns about the future of the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have arguably been made into the biggest headache for BRexit negotiators, with both sides keen to avoid the re-imposition of a hard border which would be seen as a threat to the 1999’s landmark Good Friday Agreement. However the EU insensitively insisted on using it as a bargaining chip to

E.U. Brings Conflict To Europe! Does Ireland Side with EU Supremacists and Self Destruction or the Traditional European Nation States?

French President Macron has declared war on Europe and has said leaders of Hungary, Italy and other patriotic nations were right to see him as their main opponent, thereby upping the ante in the bitter European debate over mass immigration policies. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on Tuesday launched an anti mass immigration manifesto aiming at next year's European parliament elections, and countering the opposing camp led by the French and German presidents. "There are currently two camps in Europe and one is headed by [Emmanuel] Macron," Orban said at a press conference after holding talks with Salvini in Milan. "He is at the head of the political forces supporting immigration. On the other hand, we want to stop illegal immigration." E.U. countries are expected to go to the polls in May 2019, and Salvini has aligned himself with some of the patriotic "Visegrad" countries: the Czech Repub

WHAT IF THEY HAD GUNS? Platoon of Well Organised African Invaders Land a Kalergi Boat on a Spanish Beach and Disappear

Yet another video has appeared showing dozens of migrant invaders landing on a Spanish beach in a "Kalergi Boat" (semi inflatable Zodiac boat supplied by human traffickers) and in an organised pre-planned fashion jogging off in single file towards the cliffs, leaving beachgoers shocked and nonplussed at the clinical execution of the attack. The stunned tourists could only muster jokes about them heading to the nearby luxury hotel to get to the all-inclusive hotel service probably all paid for by the supremacist EU and left wing Oligarchs who promise these invaders free handouts and cash for life, which they are actually getting at the expense of the European taxpayers! With the closure of the route through Italy, thanks to the election of the patriotic government of Matteo Salvini, Spanish beaches are becoming a frequent destination as the continents are separated only by the 30 miles stretch of the Strait of Gibraltar. You might ask why this route was not u

Desperate to Signal Virtue and Appease “Unhelpful” EU, Irish Gov. and Catholic Church Sink Italy’s Challenge to the EU on Illegal Immigration

Showing its desperation to suck up to the EU, the Irish Government was the only European government to break ranks and offer to take some of the "refugees" in the standoff between Italy and the EU. Italy was attempting to force EU to reform its genocidal, inept and grossly corrupt policy on mass immigration. Italy's Foreign Minister and Deputy PM, Matteo Salvini, has been holding the standoff since Monday, demanding the EU step up to the plate. Apart from pointless rhetoric, calling Italy "unhelpful", the EU unhelpfully did nothing... During the week long standoff Salvini had said “The next ship can turn around and go back where it came from because our limit has been reached!”  Rome had even threatened to pull funding for the EU unless it agreed to take in some of those on board the Diciotti. On Sunday, after Ireland had offered to take in some of the migrants, Italy finally disembarked all 140 migrants from the "rescue" ship that had been docked

Migrants “Enriching” The West with Record Breaking Measles Outbreak and South American “Kissing Bug” Disease!

Health experts are warning that a potentially lethal parasitic disease from South and Central America, spread by ‘kissing bugs’ has taken hold in the US and Europe, with more than 300,000 Americans contracting it. This news comes at the same time that a record-breaking 41,000 cases of measles have been registered in Europe so far this year resulting in 37 deaths, according to new statistics provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). The figure is almost double the then-record breaking number of 23,927 cases recorded in 2017. This will put an even heavier strain on the already struggling Health Services in Western nations as exposed by a nurse in Germany.
Although measles vaccination rates
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