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Nazi Lidl now working in cahoots with the regime to topple Gemma O’Doherty and the Irish Nation

In a new sinister turn Pravda RTE and the Leo Regime are openly working in cahoots with zee Germans to put the jack boot firmly on the neck of the humble Irish.

When Your Government Refuses To Protect You: Old German Lady Sorts Migrant Prostitutes Out Herself With Hose!

An elderly German lady has taken matters into her own hands and cleared out a group of Angela Merkel’s migrant prostitutes that regularly gather outside her front door. She simply hosed them down…. Will she now become the perpetrator and be arrested by the German regime who deliberately no longer upholds law and order?

Reason Comes To German Parliament – How Long Before Ireland Realises Migrants Will Not Save Ireland, But Will Destroy It!

The German Bundestag (Parliament) was stunned by a frank honest speech from an elected AfD MP: “Migrants aren’t going to save Germany; they’re ruining it” Dr. Gottfried Curio is a member of the Bundestag (German federal parliament) for AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). In the following speech on the floor of the Bundestag, […]

Zee Liddle Germans go to War against lil ‘ol Gemma O’Doherty in Ireland!

With the full backing of the 'left' multi billion euro conglomerate Lidl cracks down on the humble irish

Sh*tstorm Coming Youtube’s Way! Every Youtuber MUST Watch and Protest Against Youtube Censorship

#SpeakersUnicorner There have been protests outside Google’s European headquarters in Dublin over the last two weeks, after Google summarily deleted a well known Irish Journalist’s Youtube channel with over 20,000 Subscribers. Strangely though, a variety of left wing groups including the MEP, Ming Flanagan, have called for counter protests against these protesters in support of […]

UN Migration Pact To Be Compulsory! The Establishment Lies To The People To Hold On To Power! Get Out & Fight Back!

Is Physical Intervention The Only Way To Save European Nations? So, the so called "far right conspiracy", that the UN Migration Pact was not voluntary, turns out to be true! A document has been leaked showing that the Establishment is planning to make the UN Migration Pact compulsory and even countries that did not sign, will be forced to comply. Internal documents reveal that Brussels plans to incorporate the controversial UN migration pact into the EU’s legal framework “through the back door”, Austria and Hungary have warned.

New Zealand Attacks – Enforced Multiculturalism Fails Again! Islam Uses Attack To Gain More Ground!

The events in New Zealand are indicative of the authorities ignoring the pleas and cries from the local citizens that they are concerned and unhappy about the enforced invasion of Islam and third world migrants. It is indicative of the authority ignoring the real danger Islam presents to the Western way of life. An Imam in Ireland is already taking advantage of the tragic events in New Zealand saying he is concerned about "islamophobia". Clearly Irish people are not allowed to be unhappy with their own assimilation and the conquest of their nation.

Traitor Leo Alienating Historic Relations With UK & USA At Every Turn, Favouring Imperialist EU

EU Rent Boy leo Varadkar never misses and opportunity to suck up to the EU or France or Germany al the while doing everything he can to sour historic, cultural and genetic relations with USA and UK. The entire political establishment, biased media and left wing apologists are dead quiet about it and quietly allowing the destruction of Ireland to go ahead and its occupation and population replacement... [embed][embed] Wake up and start fighting back - we will need to make sacrifices... so that we can hand down the heritage we inherited to our children... Telling it like it is.... In order to remain fully independent and not compromised or subservient to globalist advertisers or special interests, relies on our readers, listeners and viewers for funding and support and we thank you for your patronage and patriotism. Please do consider making a donation, once off or reg

Innocence is Not The Same As Ignorance, Which is Putting People’s Lives in Danger!

The E.U. struggled to make a deal with China without the UK and Italian Support. Seems China knows EU is NOT Europe! How long will Mother's Day survive under the current culture of Islamic apologism and appeasement, where anything from our christian values is an open target. Now Mother's Day is even insulting to the transgender cry babies... China, who the EU is always pointing at as an enemy does not want to do trade deals with EU because UK was not there. However China is used as an excuse to form the EU army as if the EU was Europe. When it is clear the EU is about the German and French and the smaller nations are just there give it legitimacy. [embed][embed] Smaller countries like Ireland are really irrelevant no matter how far they bend over. Not having any real conservative voice, Ireland is being destroyed by the left, including the so called centre right mainstream parties who embrace left wing policies. Innocence

Greece Ready To Claim 270 Billion in War Reparations From Germany – The Price of Enforced Bailouts?

Greece's parliament on Wednesday began a debate on a resolution to demand the payment of German war crime reparations, an issue long disputed by Berlin. "These demands are always active. They were never set aside by Greece," parliament chairman Nikos Voutsis told reporters this week. The chamber is expected to approve later Wednesday, with cross-party support, a resolution calling on the government of Premier Alexis Tsipras "to take all the necessary diplomatic and legal steps to claim and fully satisfy all the demands of the Greek state stemming from World War I and World War II". A parliamentary committee last year determined that Germany owes Greece at least €270 billion for World War I damages and looting, atrocities and a forced loan during the Nazi occupation in World War II. Reclaiming war reparations has been a campaign pledge by Tsipras since 2015. He faces multiple electoral challenges this year, with his party trailing in polls. 'Historical responsibi

German Socialists Should Remember 69 Years Ago Today The Oppressive Stasi Security Service Was launched To Monitor Its Own Citizens

Exactly 69 years ago, on February 8th, 1950, the fledgling German Democratic Republic(GDR) officially debuted its security service, dedicated to monitoring and preventing outside influences - particularly from the West. While the many crimes of Nazism still loom large in the popular imagination, we must never forget that for almost 40 years, many East Germans lived in terror of the Ministerium Staatssicherheit - more commonly known as the ‘Stasi’. With close links to the Russian intelligence services - specifically the KGB - the new organization was provided with training and equipment by the Soviets. This was in order to root out sources of dissent and identify supposed ‘subversive individuals’ who might work against the ‘socialist dream’. The Stasi employed thousands of soldiers, analysts, officials and technical specialists as part of its apparatus across East Germany, and as a consequence nearly every workplace, public venue and educational institute

Globalist Traitors Merkel and Macron Sign treaty To Start Merging Germany and France Into One Country!

Yesterday (22/01/2018) the leaders of France and Germany met at the small town of Aachen to sign the Franco-German Treaty on Cooperation and Integration. The mainstream media have been largely silent on this event for two reasons; firstly, they’re aware that it’s unpopular and confirms the fears of Euroskeptics within and without, and; secondly, other European and global issues, depending on where you get your news, have dominated the landscape, conveniently burying what is a great stride towards total European integration. President Macron and his apparent new political guru, Chancellor Merkel, have declared to the public that this treaty builds on the Elysee Treaty, signed by Chancellor Adenauer and President de Gaulle in 1963. Their words, in public at least, have attempted to frame this as part of the long-term reconciliation process between the two European giants – but in reality, this is nothing of the sort. This treaty, which has been dubbed the Aachen

See The Pattern Yet? Yet Another Afghan Fakugee Attacks German Teen Girl, Drags Her By Her Hair Off Bus!

A 17-year-old girl was seriously injured in Minden, Germany after a drunk Afghan refugee dragged her off a bus by her hair, causing her to be run over while trying to escape the man. According to a police statement, the girl was repeatedly harassed by the 22-year-old Afghan refugee while she waited at a bus terminal in Minden, near Hanover, with her 14-year-old friend just before 9pm local time on Saturday. The girl and her friend sought safety from the man, and his 21-year-old friend, by running to a nearby vehicle, where the driver let them on. However, the persistent pair also got onboard and the 22-year-old dragged the girl from the bus by her hair – after it had started to move. The girl slipped and fell beneath the bus, which ran over her legs, leaving her with “severe injuries,” police said. As bystanders rushed to help the teen, the driver chased the men hoping to get a picture of them. He was reportedly slapped in the face by the 21-year-old. Police