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Tunisian Who Fled Sweden After Raping Girl, Claimed Asylum in Finland. Finally Jailed For 2 Years – But Will He Be Deported?

A man who attacked and raped a woman in Malmö has been jailed and banned from returning to Sweden for a decade, after he was caught in Finland and extradited. The woman reported to police in November last year that the man, whom she had never before met, had approached her shortly after 2am at the Möllevången square in southern Sweden's largest city. He followed her and kept touching her even though she tried to reject his advances, then raped her. On Monday, Malmö District Court found a 37-year-old Tunisian man guilty of rape and sentenced him to two and a half years in jail, after which he is to be deported with a ten-year ban on returning to Sweden. The man was identified with the help of witness statements after police released security camera footage which showed him approaching the woman, and later running from the scene. But before he could be caught, he fled to Finland where he sought asylum. He was however arrested under a Nordic arrest warrant, and r

Anti-Democratic Globalists in Sweden Form Government Ignoring Large Patriotic Vote

In the third PM vote, which took place on Friday, Vänsterpartiet (left-wing, communist party) decided to vote in favor of socialist party leader Stefan Löfven. The two parties have admitted that they made an agreement in order to stop the right-wing anti-mass migration party Sweden Democrats from gaining power. This means that Stefan Löfven will continue to govern the country for another four years. Löfven was PM during the migrant crisis in 2015/2016. He was the one, who under the motto “My Europe builds no walls” decided to swing the door open and let an unmanageable amount of migrants into Sweden. And as a result, Sweden has changed significantly for the worse. Shootings, bombings, grenade attacks, robberies and rapes have increased massively, the police and health care system are almost out of control, many Swedes feel unsafe, the pensioners are getting poorer and poorer, and Islam keeps demanding one right after another in society. In a TV interview

Illegal Alien Jailed in Sweden for Raping 9 Year Old Girl – Lying Press Try Hard To Hide His Identity

An illegal alien has been sentenced to six years in prison and deportation from Sweden for raping a nine-year-old girl in a shed outside an apartment building. Fake news mainstream media has hidden his origin country and ethnicity for obvious reasons... The 30-year-old approached the girl as she was cycling home from her school in Malmö, then lured her into the shed, locked the door, pushed her to the floor and raped her. He then held the girl by the throat, and threatened to beat her if she didn’t stop screaming, according to a report in the Aftonbladet newspaper, The girl told police that she had never seen her attacker before, leaving police struggling to find a lead. But the man turned himself in five days later, confessing fully to what he had done. According to the court's judgement, the man, who is himself father to a 9-year-old, told police that he had been in the area where the attack took place because he wanted “to find a girl to rape”. It didn't matter to

Hungary Understands The True Existential Threat Presented By UN Sponsored Illegal Immigration

Only Hungary Understands The True Existential Threat Presented By UN Sponsored Mass Immigration To Europe. Hungary has deployed 2,300 troops to defend the southern border from 70,000 illegals that have amassed there. By contrast Sweden allows Illegal migrants to rape 10 year children because Muslims put no value on children and women.   The examples throughout Europe are too horrendous and too numerous to mention, yet the Liberal World order and their complicit mainstream propaganda pretends it is normal... Apart from the constant rape of Europeans, which is NOT a crime to Muslims, 80% of Muslims migrants are on welfare, plundering the European financially too. Merkel is finally stepping out but Germans and Europeans will be paying for her socialist largess and virtue signalling for generations and decades to come and certainly Germany and Europe will NEVER be the same again... The killings, rapes, murder

Ireland Pimps Out For Globalist Multinationals Against Digital Sales Tax with Sweden, Denmark and Germany

Digital sales tax proposals are being blocked by an Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany alliance. Ireland is one of the last that's opposing a European-wide digital tax on internet giants like Apple, Amazon and Facebook. Ireland alone could stop it from succeeding! It had the same privilege with the Lisbon referendum but also went the way of globalists... The Irish government has been exerting heavy pressure in the industry, and we need to show Finance minister Donohoe that the people of Ireland want fair taxation of tech giants, before European ministers decide on Tuesday. The prospect of an EU tax on digital sales, which the Government feared could hit Irish tax revenues from internet giants based here, has receded after an alliance of Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany blocked the proposal in Brussels. The result is a major victory for Irish diplomats and officials who have been quietly building alliances against the digital tax for months, and also for Minis

Video: Why Was Tommy Robinson Arrested If Public Can Obstruct Justice Being Served and Prevent Deportation of Convicted Muslim Gang Rapist!?

PUSHING SNOWFLAKE BUTTONS: A Group of mostly Asian passengers prevented a Muslim gang rapist from being deported to Somalia on a Turkish Airlines flight at Heathrow Airport. The Somali man had raped a 16-year-old girl in London and his accomplice went on to fight for ISIS! Officials escorting Yaqub Ahmed on a flight from Heathrow to Turkey were forced to abandon his deportation when around a dozen passengers heard his deliberate pleas and protestations, felt sorry for him angrily intervened shortly before take-off. Third worlders know very well how to push the buttons of Westerners to achieve sympathy... Justice really is literally blind in the UK if Tommy Robinson can get arrested outside a trial fro broadcasting something the BBC had already published, yet anyone can prevent Justice from being served by interfering with the carriage of Justice! Why are people being deported on commercial passenger planes anyway? Not only does this put the public at risk, but it is

What Price Atheism? Genocidal UNHCR decides where refugees are “resettled”, sends Muslims to UK and Christian Syrians to Germany and Sweden!

In what some would call karma or payback for UK's anti Christian, anti Catholic policies and attitudes, going back centuries, the supremacist UNHCR, who decides on behalf of Western nations where refugees are sent, sends Muslims to UK but sends Christian refugees to Germany or Sweden. This is also where the refugees prefer to go, further underscoring the pick and choose lottery win, that the refugee system has become. The word used is "resettlement" which indicates it is permanent with no intention that these refugees will ever be asked to return to their countries of origin. Indeed, "resettling ONE refugee plus FIFTEEN family members makes it clear they are permanently relocating people en masse! This is warfare! This is blatant kidnapping of desperate people to use be used as consumer fodder by oligarchs and multinationals and voter fraud by the occupation governments in the West. As EuroWars reported Irish News

X-Rays Don’t Lie, Migrant Children Do – Swedish Dentist Fired for Reporting that 80% of His Migrant Children Clients Were Actually Adults! (Video)

A Swedish dentist has been fired and now risks losing his home - after exposing some of his child refugee patients, as actually being adults. A court fined the man over 40,000 Euros, arguing he'd violated medical confidentiality.

The Euro Experiment Failed Because it Was a Trojan Horse For Political Supremacy – All EU Countries Must Have a Plan B to Exit EU

As Italy takes the Eurosceptic baton from BRexit, now being the first officially "populist" government, sure to cause an even bigger headache for the EU, the turmoil of the last few weeks is sure to be repeated throughout Europe as the issue that set it off are sure to provoke more right turns ahead.

At Least Half of Europeans Feel Islam is Incompatible With European Culture – Atheists Are Far Less Patriotic.

Despite overt Political Correctness in UK, Nearly half of Britons were prepared to admit to a Pew research survey that they believe Islam is incompatible with British culture, and the UK isn’t alone. The feeling that Islam is not compatible is widespread across Europe, with the resultant negative feelings toward Muslims being highest in Finland.

#EurAfrica YOUR Government Has Already Agreed to Turn Europe into Africa. Hungary Has Devised Ingenious Opt Out! Video

HUNGARY SAYS NO! Refuses to sign Marrakesh Declaration that will massively increase legal immigration to the EU from the Middle East and African nations. Hungary on Wednesday refused to endorse a statement on migration adopted at a Euro-African ministerial conference in Marrakesh, the foreign minister said, calling the document “an extremely pro-migration statement that goes against Hungary’s interests”.

Sweden: Church calls forbidden in town were mosque is allowed to air 110dB Islamic call to prayer

Thursday we’ve reported on that the mosque in Sweden’s Växjö received permission to broadcast their call to prayer. But when the St. Michael’s Church applied for a wake-up call for church services in the same city, they received a ‘no’, newspaper Smålandsposten reports. According to priest Ingvar Fogelqvist, the town rejected his requests to ring […]

Ireland’s Government Thinks Irish DNA is SUBHUMAN and Plans to Spend Billions Replacing The Irish!

In a classic example of cold meticulously planned genocide, this deal with the devil is a horror story that is being played out time and again in the rural heartland of all European Nations. The Irish example, with its upcoming referendum on Abortion, clearly illustrates and exemplifies the rape and destruction of Europeans, in exchange for Coin, disguised as the "moral high road". This well practiced act of crime against humanity, that is being inflicted upon the very defenseless, well meaning citizens of European nations is nothing other than Selling out Kith, Kin and Country for Coin or False Virtue.

Selling Country for Coin: False accusations of “racism” used to conquer Lisdoonvarna and pour in the migrants!

Occupation regime representative, TD Timmy Dooley for Clare (Fianna Fáil) alleges "far-right activists from Dublin" attempted to stir up racial tension in Lisdoonvarna with anti-immigrant literature which they distributed around the town. However, not only did LOCAL Lisdoonvarna residents vote 93% AGAINST the migrants, but maybe Dublin knows a thing or two about being invaded by third worlders?

Foreign Funds Manipulated Ireland into Voting for Gay Marriage and Are Now Paying to Repeal the 8th!

Why would Ireland want to kill their own babies in abortion, yet import a million 3rd worlders? Why is the government of Ireland not taking a stand against foreign meddling in Irish politics? Clearly the Irish government is nothing less than an EU Occupation Regime running a province of the EU Or is it OK for Soros to Meddle but not Russia? Hypocrite much? Don V #EUisNotEurope