Black Youths Attack White Girl With Baby on Her Lap! Black Guy Dances While They Beat White Girl Up!

#WhiteLivesMatter In this video from USA that has been banned from social media, Black teens can be seen asking the girl to put the baby down so they can beat her up, when she refuses, what appears to be the youngest black, who was clearly itching to start fighting, grabs the white girl by the hair and starts beating her up, sending the poor baby flying!

The Rowlett police have confirmed that this video that has been shared on social media this week, of a white girl being assaulted while she holds a child in her lap, occurred at a Garland ISD elementary school a few years ago.

Police have been investigating the video since they were made aware of it, and are searching for the suspect that led to the assault, however they said they would not have investigated had there not been a baby involved!.

#BlackLivesMatter = Community Destabilisation. It appears blacks have declared war on whites…

You can take the bantu (negro) out of Africa, but you cannot take Africa out of the bantu!

Here is a challenge: Let’s see if we can find the same scenario with the races reversed… good luck with that.

Help us make these savages accountable! Please share!


white lives matter


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