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Ireland Ranked 3rd Safest Country for Single Female Travellers Worldwide. The Most Dangerous is…

A study of the world’s most dangerous tourist countries for women traveling alone reveals the good, the bad, the ugly and then all three in one at the top of the list, or rather bottom: South Africa, which stands out head and shoulders above countries like Brazil, Mexico, Iran, Morocco, etc. as the most dangerous […]

4 of Top 5 Safest Countries for Single Female Travellers are in Western Europe. Most Dangerous is…

A study of the world’s most dangerous tourist countries for women traveling alone reveals the good, the bad, the ugly and then all three in one at the top of the list, or rather bottom: South Africa, which stands out head and shoulders above countries like Brazil, Mexico, Iran, Morocco, etc. as the most dangerous […]

The Reconquista Returns To Spain As Anti Immigration Party Vox, Wins 12 Seats in Autonomous Regional Parliament of Andalusia

The novice anti-immigration conservative party in Spain called Vox, has romped into the history books with the first success of a patriotic  party in a regional election since Spain's return to democracy in 1975. The result has shaken national politics ahead a busy electoral season and will yet again send a message to Brussels.
Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's Socialists were has now lost control of southern Andalusia, which it has governed for over three decades, after Vox took a surprise 12 seats in a regional election on Sunday, handing a majority to right-wing parties in Spain's most populous region. It was Sanchez's first electoral test since taking office in June after winning a vote of no-confidence against the conservative Popular Party (PP) government of Mariano Rajoy over a corruption scandal. Top-selling daily El Pais called the resul

Ireland Last? Even Spain Wakes Up With A Populist Party: VOX Pledges to Put Spanish First and Make Spain Great Again!

Must Ireland be destroyed first before the irish wake up? It seems that the Irish and Europeans in general are so brainwashed and ensconced in their materialistic comfort zones, that the only way a patriotic populist party arises, is after the mass importation of illegal aliens by their EU proxy government. After Spain took in more than any other European nation this year, at least 13,000 Spaniards have come to their senses and joined a rally of the fledgling VOX party in Madrid last month and polls indicate that up to half a million would vote for them today!
VOX a patriotic political party that vows to “defend Spain” from immigration, independence movements and political correctness. Suddenly being called "far right" by the left wing mainstream media seems not so bad anymore... in fact it appears to be the only hope for the future of our nation states.
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WHAT IF THEY HAD GUNS? Platoon of Well Organised African Invaders Land a Kalergi Boat on a Spanish Beach and Disappear

Yet another video has appeared showing dozens of migrant invaders landing on a Spanish beach in a "Kalergi Boat" (semi inflatable Zodiac boat supplied by human traffickers) and in an organised pre-planned fashion jogging off in single file towards the cliffs, leaving beachgoers shocked and nonplussed at the clinical execution of the attack. The stunned tourists could only muster jokes about them heading to the nearby luxury hotel to get to the all-inclusive hotel service probably all paid for by the supremacist EU and left wing Oligarchs who promise these invaders free handouts and cash for life, which they are actually getting at the expense of the European taxpayers! With the closure of the route through Italy, thanks to the election of the patriotic government of Matteo Salvini, Spanish beaches are becoming a frequent destination as the continents are separated only by the 30 miles stretch of the Strait of Gibraltar. You might ask why this route was not u

The Invasion of Europe Moves to The Spanish Front as Troop of 300 Africans, Flying EU Flag, Attack Morocco-Spain Border Post

Only weeks after the last attack, Africans have once again launched an attack on a Spanish Border Post in Cueta in what seems to have become the new focal point of the invasion of Europe. Flying the EU flag with victorious shouts of "Boza!" (victory!), they ran through the streets. Spain has now overtaken Italy as the top target for human traffickers ever since Italy's  patriotic leader Matteo Salvini stopped allowing migrant invasion parties to enter Italy. With its new Communist government, Spain is now a week point in Europe's defenses and the invaders and their treasonous enablers have shifted their tactics accordingly.
Seven spanish guards suffered acid and lime burns as more than 300 Africans attacked, even hurling excrement, they tried to enter European territory by storming the fence on Tuesday night. Press reports state that as many as 200 sub-Saharan Africans successfully penetrated the border fence that separates Moro

Army of African Migrants Storm and Attack Spanish Border – Migrants do not take NO for an answer (Video)

Over 700 hundred migrants have stormed the Spanish exclave of Ceuta, some armed with homemade flamethrowers, sticks and even poo, after breaking through the border fence. More than 100 migrants and 22 border agents were injured in the battle as border agents arrested hundreds of invaders on the Moroccan side and more were detained in Ceuta.

NGO #FakeRescue Ship Directs Migrants To Jump Into Sea So They Can Be “Rescued” to Prevent Libyan Coastguard From Taking Them Back!

The mere presence of NGO #FakeRescue ships off the Libyan coast is killing people, with some actually encouraging illegal migrants to jump into the water, and put themselves in harms way, for the chance of winning the lottery of free stuff in Europe, at the expense of European taxpayers. The presence of these traitorous Fake Rescue Ships is causing an incredible amount of destabilisation and trauma in the region and throughout Europe. Just how many millions are these NGOs raking in at 6,000 Euros per head, (not counting possible "anonymous" donations from the human traffickers themselves)? Is there any due process and anyone checking or counting? Libya has a population of only 6 Million, Italy has 60 Million! Where is the logic? 

#FakeRescue – Pushing people into the water to rescue them allows Migrant “Rescue” to be the new “Anchor Baby”. Arrest the NGOs!

As yet another Italian coastguard ship carrying more than 900 illegal migrants was allowed to dock in Sicily on Wednesday, shortly after Italy controversially turned away a NGO vessel with "rescued" migrants on board, the illegal scam that is migrant "rescue" perpetrated by the Establishment and Far Left is starting to become clear...

Italy Says NO to #KalergiBoats! Communist Spain says YES. Will Spain be the next target for mass illegal immigration perpetrated by The Establishment and EU?

After nearly three quarters of a million African migrants have invaded Italy, the new government has said no more and banned the left wing migrant ferry ship ‘Aquarius’ with 629 african migrants on board from docking at its ports. Italy’s new government says it’s been left alone by the EU to deal with the uncontrolled influx of refugees.