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Christopher Bollyn, James Reynolds (NP), The Cork Rebel, Beware the Risen People

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Cork Rebel – Rallying the Troops! Irish Patriot

Cork Rebel! Rallying the Troops

Richard Behal at The Rally For Life in Belfast 2019 – He Escaped Limerick Prison in 1966

Richard Behal was a candidate for Sinn Fein in 1984 European Election in Munster. This was an international election. He was prevented from appearing on RTE, due to a Ministerial Order under Section 31 of the Broadcasting Act. His policies were misrepresented by RTE on a special Munster constituency programme, which gave the other eight candidates extended airtime. At the end the programme purported to give the audience a very brief summary of Behal’s platform, but misrepresented it. He was never contacted by RTE.

Govt will not consult locals in Oughterard over asylum plans for Gateway Hotel

Niall Boylan heard from Cllr Tom Welby in Oughterard about what he believes are secret plans to house asylum seekers at the Hotel Connemara Gateway in the town. Nobody in the government will confirm what is happening or consult with the locals over the plans. Previously Shannonside broadcaster Joe Finnegan told listeners that Minister for Integration, David Stanton, has stated to him that the lack of consultation with locals when asylum seekers are being moved into a town or village was government policy as "if they informed people, there would be protest and nothing would happen". Stanton has been blasted a number of times for failing to consult with locals ahead of moving asylum seekers towns and villages across Ireland. Broadcast: The Niall Boylan Show | Classic Hits | 06 Sep 2019

2. Cork Patriot – 3/9/19 – Live Call in show – Fight for Irish Freedom Podcast!

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Outrage in Cork over asylum seekers secretly bussed in to Macroom hotel

“The people of Ireland have got to stand up and revolt. Take a week off work, it will be well worth it!” The Niall Prenderville Show on Red Fm heard from callers over Riverside park hotel in Macroom being turned into emergency accommodation for asylum seekers without any consultation from the locals. Mick Mulcahy heard […]

Pro Open Borders Militant Far Left Wing Extremist Fiona Doesn’t Want Anyone on”HER LAND”! Yet she is a Council Tenant…

Loudmouth and arrogant as usual, Fiona even tried to strike the officer of the court after being served with papers in a case Ben Gilroy is bringing against her for defamation after she called him a cult member and racist etc. Now she will have to put her money where her very o[opinionated and treasonous […]

“Fine Gael is no longer able to ignore free-speech protest outside Google HQ in Dublin” – FM104

FM104 is reporting during their hourly news breaks that Fine Gael is claiming they are no longer able to ignore the free-speech protest that has been taking place daily outside Google’s HQ on Barrow St in Dublin for the past five weeks. The report describes the protest as “actions by right-wing groups” being lead by […]

Celebration and Jubilation from RTÉ as Three Catholic Schools Become Multi-denominational

RTÉ framed the report on three small schools becoming multi-denominational as “making history”. The report focused on Scoil An Ghleanna in the Gaeltacht area of Baile An Sceilg Cill Airne, Co Kerry. Previously Catholic-run Lecarrow School in County Roscommon, and Tahilla National School also in Kerry will both also reopen this week as multi-denominational Community […]

Why Does Google, A US Corporation In Ireland, Not Hire ANY Irish Or US Citizens? Investigate The Sell Out!

Globalists are creating their own No Go Zones where locals are not allowed. Globalist multiculti are only allowed. Having worked at Google in Dublin myself I can vouch for the fact that Google hires mostly non Irish people. Any Irish people are usually the cleaners. They import foreigners, pay for their migration, but when these […]

Sea Fisheries Act Betrays Fisherman

Sinn Fein, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail betray Irish fishermen.

24/7 Cardiac Care and the HSE

How does the HSE violate the principle of subsidiarity?

Coastal Communities Have Lived Off Traditional Fishing For 1,000’s of Years

Coastal Communities have lived off traditional fishing for thousands of years. Our way of life is being destroyed.