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The Traitor Left Are Facilitating Criminal Justice Abuse By Migrants With Their Militant Fake “Racism” Claims

Carickmacross: In a case that has dragged on for years involving a Somalian "Asylum seeker", it is estimated that the state, i.e. taxpayers, paid over 70,000 Euros for a Barrister, Lawyer and Translator for a charge in which a mere 300 Euros fine was issued. The fact that this criminal with prior conviction in his home country, took away the life of two young men, one a pillar of Irish Society, a law student, seems to be completely ignored.

WATCH reactions to the abortion bill being imposed on Northern Ireland by Westminster.

WATCH reactions to the abortion bill being imposed on Northern Ireland by Westminster. #gript

RTE News Coverage of Belfast Rally for Life 2019 – Abortion to be “decriminalised” from 22nd October in NI

The March for Life had a “much larger turnout” on 7 September in Belfast, while the pro abortion rally was still subjected to fearmongering by its leaders about the law not coming into affect due to the closing of UK Parliament by the Queen.

Highlights from the Annual Belfast Pro-Life Rally 7th September 2019

This is a video taken in Belfast of the Rally. The music is the Robin's Return by Leander Fisher. Played by Alan Etherten. Produced by Mark Sutton under the label Hunters Moon Promotions. HMP 1083. Recorded in 1983.

Should We Vote For Nigel Farage and BRexit Party or Gerard Batten’s UKIP? Diversity In UK Politics!

As far as the EU election are concerned, it does not really matter which party’s MEP candidate you vote for, as long as thy are eurosceptic. However, to put Farage’s new Brexit party into perspective, Gerard Batten recently called the BRexit Party, the Tory Light party, and apart from BRexit it is a lot like […]

Irish Refugee Council Founder speaks out against Population Replacement – Interview Brian Flanagan

Brian Flanagan, founder of the Irish Refugee Council sits down to discuss his founding and departure from that organisation, Direct Provision plantions in rural communities like Moville County Donegal, why Brussels has “Family, Nation, God” in the crosshairs, and what the Ireland2040 project means for Ireland.

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How To Stop Deviant Irish Regime Sexualising Our Innocent Children At Their Schools – #Frankensteinism

Irish Parents are speaking out against new proposals by the globalist marxist government, to teach primary school children about, and promote abortion, pornography, masturbation, transgenderism, etc. According to our Constitution this is solely the domain of the parents! WHAT YOU CAN DO: PLEASE TAKE 5 MINUTES TO DO AT LEAST ONE! 1. Here's your chance to be a part of the consultation with the NCCA (be careful with the strategically worded traps in questions and stick to the answer that best suits you). https://www.ncca.ie/en/updates-and-events/consultations/review-of-relationships-and-sexuality-education-rse?fbclid=IwAR32vo0TUou_PjVK4Tm1IzvgjBuRqqPUlz5PJ6LazlFJcRr_raK0LUUxbmA And a consultation with the National Parents’ Council: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Review_of_RSE_Curriculum?fbclid=IwAR3qWuKGVYtRDbX2YGLboPxjuKGX7WVvh0OHQp8j49p8QtxqfrO04Lk1cE4 2. Here's an ongoing petition started by a friend, Ciara Mannion: http://chng.i

Globalist Belfast City Council Captured By Islamic Council – Suspends Councilor for Critising Islam

WATCH & SHARE: Latest update on the SUSPENSION of Councillor Jolene Bunting and the FIGHT-BACK against it! She is in the High Court in Belfast, this coming Monday (12th November), to appeal her suspension from Belfast City Council, for raising concerns about Islam PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY SIGNING THE PETITION – NOW @ https://www.change.org/p/northern-ire... This video gives a full list of the complaints made against her, and by whom. It also includes a very important update in relation to her appeal against the Commissioners decision to SUSPEND her from her role as a democratically elected official and representative. She has been silenced, in a Politically Correct ‘Witch-Hunt’ for speaking the truth about Islam and Immigration. [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yF

Ireland Last? Even Spain Wakes Up With A Populist Party: VOX Pledges to Put Spanish First and Make Spain Great Again!

Must Ireland be destroyed first before the irish wake up? It seems that the Irish and Europeans in general are so brainwashed and ensconced in their materialistic comfort zones, that the only way a patriotic populist party arises, is after the mass importation of illegal aliens by their EU proxy government. After Spain took in more than any other European nation this year, at least 13,000 Spaniards have come to their senses and joined a rally of the fledgling VOX party in Madrid last month and polls indicate that up to half a million would vote for them today!
VOX a patriotic political party that vows to “defend Spain” from immigration, independence movements and political correctness. Suddenly being called "far right" by the left wing mainstream media seems not so bad anymore... in fact it appears to be the only hope for the future of our nation states.

Time for #Irexit and #IrelandFirst Because Collapsing EU has no Plan B – Leo Varadkar is on The Wrong Side of History

IRELAND’s “slavish” devotion to their "sacred cow", the European Union, is not only essentially distracting Ireland from the inherent danger of remaining tethered to a collapsing Brussels, but also from the importance of continuing good relations with Britain after BRexit, a former diplomat has warned. After all UK and Ireland had good relations prior to the EU and UK is Ireland's largest trading partner.

Writing for London-based think tank Politea, Dr Ray Bassett, warned Dublin the entire future of the bloc was “in doubt” and urged Irish leaders to put Ireland’s interests first. Concerns about the future of the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have arguably been made into the biggest headache for BRexit negotiators, with both sides keen to avoid the re-imposition of a hard border which would be seen as a threat to the 1999’s landmark Good Friday Agreement. However the EU insensitively insisted on using it as a bargaining chip to

E.U. Brings Conflict To Europe! Does Ireland Side with EU Supremacists and Self Destruction or the Traditional European Nation States?

French President Macron has declared war on Europe and has said leaders of Hungary, Italy and other patriotic nations were right to see him as their main opponent, thereby upping the ante in the bitter European debate over mass immigration policies. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on Tuesday launched an anti mass immigration manifesto aiming at next year's European parliament elections, and countering the opposing camp led by the French and German presidents. "There are currently two camps in Europe and one is headed by [Emmanuel] Macron," Orban said at a press conference after holding talks with Salvini in Milan. "He is at the head of the political forces supporting immigration. On the other hand, we want to stop illegal immigration." E.U. countries are expected to go to the polls in May 2019, and Salvini has aligned himself with some of the patriotic "Visegrad" countries: the Czech Repub

Is “Regularisation” a code word for selling our heritage? St Felim’s Hospital with Cemetery to be sold by HSE after “regularisation”

Amidst a crisis in the health sector, the HSA seems to have found time and money to arrange for the selling off of our heritage. The title of the old St Felims Hospital sited on 11.32 acres on the old Belturbet Road out of Cavan Town, along with its cemetery, is in the process of being "regularised" with a view to selling it to the private sector, the HSE has confirmed. The HSE is currently working with a solicitor and the Property Registration Authority with a view to "regularising title" for the St Felim’s property. It is expected that this process will take some time and it is unlikely to be achieved before 2019 at the earliest.

“Hospital Crisis Killing Patients”! Irish Public Services in Crisis While TDs and Councilors Indulge in Social Engineering and Cultural Marxism

Ireland is in for dire straits if Leo Varadkar's disastrous legacy since being Health Minister is any to go by. An A&E boss has admitted that the Hospital crisis is killing patients! Hospitals across the country continued to buckle with a whopping 13 Percent of the Irish population stuck on Hospital waiting lists. Last month 511,415 people were on the outpatient waiting lists in public hospitals that drag on for years and years. Waterford for instance seems to have become more known for its accelerated "diversity" enforcement than for its 7 year Hospital waiting list! One wonders if no one has made the connection between importing masses of 3rd Worlders with all sorts of health and other problems, and the crisis in our public services?
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