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“Not Legally Binding” – When Voluntary Means Obligatory. How Establishment Betrays We The People

UK MPs Voted BRexit off the table but the word "Deal" appeared nowhere on the referendum ballot. "Not legally Binding" are phrases used all the time by Totalitarian EU Forces on Europe, which suddenly become "our obligations" once signed. Supremacist EU is taking out the champagne as its attempt to grab Northern Ireland for the EU, and trap UK in the EU looks like moving a step closer. EU wants a border in the Irish sea. EU is even trying to claim credit for the UK - Ireland common travel area which was setup in 1922!

Is Multiculturalism or Islam or Socialism or the One World Order Destroying Our Nations & Culture?

Allastriona asks Elvis, a Christian from Iran in exile in UK what he thinks is causing the downfall of The West. Clearly the degree of multiculturalism is important, if it is similar culture like the differing European nations, it is fine, but if it is a huge difference in culture, it is guaranteed to clash. Architecture is a good indication of the closeness between cultures. Like European architecture that went to USA with the British and Irish but had Italian and Greek influences and there was no problems with this. However mixing very different cultures might seem novel and fun at first, when you talk about food and coffee table experiences, but when you go deeper there are serious clashes. This is mostly because many of these cultures are rooted in religion. This must be why the establishment is working so hard to destroy religions, to make it easier to create a One World Order. [embed][embed] However it was Christi

Will Theresa May’s 3,500 Troops on The Street Unite The Resistance and Escalate Into Civil War?

BRexiteers and Yellow Vest protesters Have Shown UK Gov and EU Elites That If BRexit Doesn't Happen, Amongst Others, There Will Be Civil War! Elvis reports on a protest which blocked the Westminster Bridge for 20 minutes! They were asked by a Police escort for a ministerial entourage to let them through, and they said no! So the convoy had to go another route! 3,500 troops are to be put on the streets in case of a no deal BRexit, which Elvis feels is a good idea even though he suspects this army is actually to quell Brexiteers, because he knows bloodshed is coming. According to his experience in Iran, once you get the army out on the people, for whatever reason, it is game over and puts the whole unrest onto a new radical level... Once an innocent is killed, revolution starts! He feels many patriots and their movements are not taking the issue seriously enough for a revolution to come. There needs to be more coordination. A Million pe

Cometh The Women, Cometh The Hour – Could Gemma O’Doherty Be New Renua’s New Leader?

Gemma O'Doherty who has been shaking up the system in recent months has finally had enough of the sorry state that Ireland is in, and has decided to launch herself in politics. She hosted a livestream on Youtube announcing her intention to start an anti-corruption, anti-establishment movement which attracted a thousand live viewers. During this livestream we asked Gemma what she thought of Renua and she responded favourably, going so far as to say she has a lot of time for Neil O'Mahony, the recently elected Chairman of Renua. This is significant, because whilst Renua as it is, is probably not anti establishment enough for Gemma, the recent election of Neil O'Mahony, a vocal critic of the establishment, immigration, the Health Service etc. shows the direction that Renua members want the party to go. Like Gemma, Renua is already tough on crime and corruption with Law and Order being one of their "Six Pillars". Renua are certainly looking at ways to bring the out of c

Britain First’s Paul Golding on Banrion Show On Derry Bomb, BRexit, Jayda Fransen Leaving etc. 

Allastriona interviews Paul Golding from Britian First for an update and look at what 2019 has in store for Patriots. "Conservative" white Councilor in Worcester calls black Britain First activist a racist... The entire political establishment, biased media and left wing apologists are dead quiet about it and quietly allowing it to go ahead... [embed][/embed] Wake up and start fighting back - we will need to make sacrifices... so that we can hand down the heritage we inherited to our children... Telling it like it is.... Listen in every week night to hear Alastriona Nic Arcail's Banríon Show where she says it like it is, on Irish News Radio at 8PM Links to listen on mobile: Android:;stream.mp3 BlackBerry:;stream.mp3 Iphone: Or tune in on (Player top right).;stream.mp3 In order to remain ful

UK Owns Ireland’s Rosslare Europort, Which Bypasses UK and Connects Direct To Mainland Europe, Yet Anti BRexit Irish Government Spurns UK and Fails To Prepare Rosslare For No Deal BRexit

Ger O'Donoghue, candidate councilor for Renua in Enniscorthy Wexford, revealed during his launch speech at the Riverside Hotel, the extent to which the Irish government has neglected Rosslare Europort Harbour, which is Ireland's best direct connection to mainland Europe, bypassing the UK "land bridge" to Europe. This land bridge presents a major problem to the UK and Irish governments with the upcoming BRexit, especially in the event of a no deal BRexit. The imposition of customs at the port of Dover will create miles of backlog for trucks from Ireland heading to Europe. The Irish government under the pro EU leadership of Fine Gail's Leo Varadkar, have been constantly accused of being an EU planted caretaker in the EU plantation, are fully supported by Fianna Fail in a coalition, have taken a firm anti BRexit stance and fully supported all the EU positions, even if it means risking the implementation of a border between NI and the Republic of Ireland (Free State). V

Mass Immigration Holds Down Wages – Still Wonder Why Corporations Fund The Left So Much?

In a major speech today Brexiteer Boris Johnson is to set out his stall and vision for the country, including a crucial intervention on mass migration which he will point out has led to corporation holding down wages. Speaking today at the HQ of JCB, the company of Leave donor and businessman Anthony Bamford, Boris is expected to say: “Yes (Brexit) was about democracy… but that vote, was also triggered by a feeling that in some way the people of this country has been drifting too far apart and in areas where we need to come together. “We all know about boardroom pay and the huge expansion in the last 25 years of the gap between the remuneration of FTSE 100 CEOs and the average workers in their firms. “We know one of the ways big corporations have held wages down is that they have had access to unlimited pools of labour from other countries.” It is a fact that since the number of EU workers in the UK has fallen slightly, wages have increased at their faste

#ForgetEurope? Post BRexit Freedom of Movement Between UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland? Just Imagine…

Just imagine, the largest family reunion ever! A Union of English speaking nations with free trade deals, freedom of movement, foreign policy cooperation, and closer cultural ties with visa free travel encompassing 130 Million citizens. This is probably the most natural development ever and the fact that it has not happened yet, speaks volumes to political interference, corporate manipulation and EU protectionism. I personally have family in 3 of the five CANZUKI nations, and close friends in all five, as I am sure most English speakers do. Who knows, maybe USA will be interested too as that would then totally include the "Five Eyes" international intelligence network. Well, a quarter of a million people have already signed up to this wonderfully logical initiative. OK, disclosure time, we added Ireland to their four nations as Ireland already has had a freedom of movement agreement with UK since 1922, long before the EU started throwing its weight around. Besides having been

UK Media Blackout on the Continuing Rape of British Children by Muslim Rape Gangs – Why So Quiet in Ireland?

There’s a world outside your window and it’s a world of dread and fear. The only thing that is growing is the bitter rape of young vulnerable British girls, as you read those words this festive season, thank god it’s them, instead of you. Rape Gangs right now, as you read this are still blighting Britain and destroying the lives of thousands of girls across the UK The 1985 charity-hit for the starving people of Africa ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ called for us to spare a thought of starving Africans, but this Christmas – it’s time to start our charity at home and shine a light on our own horrors here in the UK, and think of the victims of the vile Rape Gangs that steal the childhood of thousands of young girls – and quite possibly boys, the #1400 campaign is trying to do that – despite a ‘Media Blackout.’ Last week, Politicalite along with Unity News Network and Alt News Media attended an event at the House of Lords to report on the la

Not So PC Sir? Snob Geldof Revealed as Shareholder in Bloodsport Greyhound Racetrack in UK!

Sir Snob Geldof fans (if there are any) take note: it has come to light that not only does he watch dog racing, he even owns a share in a greyhound racetrack. Wonder if he knows that over 1,000 dogs were killed or put down with injury in Greyhound racing last year in UK and Ireland? Disappointment has been widely expressed after a photograph emerged showing Bob Geldof at a greyhound track presenting an award. The photo appeared in the Racing Post's "Off the Leash" column along with a report which revealed that Geldof owns a share in a racing greyhound track The report stated: "Central Park [in Kent] was graced by a visit from Sir Bob Geldof last Sunday [16 December 2018]. Er, yes, really. He was there to see Tony Collett's Professor Gimlet in whom he has a share, in action. Geldof duly presented the trophy for the race...but it was to the Paul Philpott-trained Alarming Hades and not his own hound, who had to settle for third." The Irish Council Against Blo

So UK is Not Sovereign After All? Why Is Traitor May Begging EU Dictators For Permission To Leave EU Despite BRexit Win?

For years EU apologists have constantly claimed that UK was still Sovereign whilst power was transferred to Brussels, yet here we are with the UK leader down on her hands and knees begging for permission to leave. Where are all these short sighted apologists now?  EU supremacist leader Merkel bluntly said "No way to change" BRexit deal, May's grovelling and embarrassing visit, where May even struggled to exit her car, should be the guilty verdict for all the traitors and naysayers over the years! 
Theresa May just couldn't catch a break. In the midst of her latest BRexit debacle, the simple act of opening a car door proved too taxing for the UK prime minister.
May visited three European capitals Tuesday in a desperate bid to beg for the return of UK Sovereignty and her Brexit deal, a day after delaying a parliamentary vote on the text to avoid a crushing defeat. When May was in Berlin fo

Ireland’s Biggest Trading Partner, UK, is Leaving, Yet Varadkar Pokes Them With an EU Stick!

As Ireland's Biggest Trading Partner by far, UK, Leaves the EU, Careless Europhile Varadkar is pocking the UK with a stick and the Irish people will pay for his treason! Ireland needs to deal directly with Britain not with a third party like EU where no one even speaks English! [embed][/embed] We should be leaving with UK! In order to remain fully independent and not compromised or subservient to globalist advertisers or special interests, relies on our readers, listeners and viewers for funding and support and we thank you for your patronage and patriotism. Please do consider making a donation, once off or regularly per month via: Patreon or Paypal  Alternatively please consider booking your Rental Car hire or Hotel booking from the search forms

UK Army Captured By Muslim Council of Britain! Soldiers Disciplined for Selfie With Tommy Robinson!

British Army Captured By Muslim Council of Britain! Soldiers Disciplined for Selfie With Tommy Robinson! Sh*tstorm Coming... Tommy Robinson bumped into four motor coaches of young British soldiers -- who all wanted to take a selfie picture with him! But after the malevolent Muslim Council of the UK complained, the British Army launched an investigation into these young soldiers, and even seized their cell phones, to search for "forbidden" political ideas! This smacks of intervention by left wing extremist group "Hope not Hate" who have captured the Home Office! This is outrageous; it's un-British. These are the young men who fight for our freedoms -- the least we can do is to fight for theirs. Please sign this petition to Chief of the Defence Staff, Gen. Sir Nick Carter, telling him to call off his dogs! Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins will both deliver the petition to Gen. Carter. Sign the petition! We do not want our lads investi

British Troops Shoot Traitor May as She Connives With African Despots in South Africa

Dear Mrs May - Prime Minister of GB I fear you made a terrible error of judgement in Cape Town when you failed to condemn the ANC regime's proposed racist land grab. Millions of South Africans and Brits can't understand why you appear to be in favour of collective punishment based on race. Your apparent show of support for the race based landgrab in South Africa is not only an attack on South African farmers but in the long run it cannot possibly be in the interest of Britain.   There are already reports that some tenants have stopped paying rent, arguing that the farms/homes they rent will soon be expropriated and the title deeds signed over to them. Property owners in South Africa are now unable to find people willing to buy their houses. Farmers are reluctant to invest in new plant and agricultural machinery. It's a great tragedy that you appear to have endorsed this lunacy that will bring South Africa to its knees. The price Bri