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Woman from Albania, a “safe” country, claimed asylum in Ireland because her boyfriend abused her in Greece! Asylum System = Open Borders

An Albanian women told RTÉ Prime Time that reason she claimed asylum in Ireland is because her boyfriend had abused when they lived in Greece. The woman said she had been caught illegally in Ireland with false documents and this had prompted her asylum claim. According to the Reception and Integration Agency (RIA), in the year to November 2018, the top two countries of origin for asylum seekers were Georgia and Albania which the Department of Justice regards as safe countries of origin. Georgia has been a top country of origin for asylum seekers in Ireland since the EU granted Georgians visa-free travel to the Schengen area of the EU in March 2017, although Ireland is not in the Schengen area. The Department of Justice told the Irish times that: “Georgian nationals still required a visa to enter Ireland and the United Kingdom.” “A trend emerged at this time, however, whereby Georgian nationals would travel to Ireland with onward tickets for other Schengen countries and appeared to be just transiting our airports. Some 41 per cent of all asylum claims in the first half of the year were from Albanian, Georgian and South African nationals. All three countries are officially regarded as “safe countries of origin” by Ireland. A spokesman for the Georgian embassy said Georgia was a developing democracy that was both “safe and stable”. He suggested that Georgians coming to Ireland were economic migrants. A spokesperson for the Department of Justice in 2018 told the Irish Times: “In Ireland the five leading applicant countries for 2017 were Georgia, Albania, Pakistan, Nigeria and Zimbabwe which are not acknowledged conflict zones with high grant rates.” Broadcast: Prime Time | RTÉ One | 23 Mar 2018 Leo Varadkar clip: Morning Ireland RTÉ Radio One | 13 Sep 2019 David Stanton clip: Newstalk Breakfast with Susan Keogh | Newstalk | 14 Sep 2019 There is a petition here to demand that RTÉ start reporting on the persecution of Georgians and Albanians or what conflicts are occurring in their countries.é-petition-for-rté-to-report-on-the-persecution-of-georgians-and-albanians?recruiter=907013654

Greece Ready To Claim 270 Billion in War Reparations From Germany – The Price of Enforced Bailouts?

Greece's parliament on Wednesday began a debate on a resolution to demand the payment of German war crime reparations, an issue long disputed by Berlin. "These demands are always active. They were never set aside by Greece," parliament chairman Nikos Voutsis told reporters this week. The chamber is expected to approve later Wednesday, with cross-party support, a resolution calling on the government of Premier Alexis Tsipras "to take all the necessary diplomatic and legal steps to claim and fully satisfy all the demands of the Greek state stemming from World War I and World War II". A parliamentary committee last year determined that Germany owes Greece at least €270 billion for World War I damages and looting, atrocities and a forced loan during the Nazi occupation in World War II. Reclaiming war reparations has been a campaign pledge by Tsipras since 2015. He faces multiple electoral challenges this year, with his party trailing in polls. 'Historical responsibi

Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia Declare War on Islam and its Trojan Horses, The UN and EU

The Nations of Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia have openly declared war on Islam and its Trojan Horses, The UN and European Union. The UN has been hijacked and subverted by Islam and its various organisations and have become a Trojan Horse to spread Islam. Money from Oil is used to spread this totalitarian doctrine to Western nations and buy influence and bribe locals. Will the Second Islamic War in Europe be the THIRD World War Started by Germany thanks to Herr Merkel - how was she ever re-elected? Germans will need to do some deep soul searching... [embed][/embed] The Police are incapable, unequipped and too scared of dealing with these issues. All are too scared of being labelled as a racist even if it has nothing to do with racism. Meanwhile the EU regime is too busy with secret deals to deal with the problems their virtue signalling has created. They are busy sucking up to every and all depravity, diversion and perve

300% Increase in Migrants To Greece! Turkey Deliberately Negligent on Border with Greece.l

The Greek Minister of Migration, Dimitris Vitsas, revealed on Friday that the influx of migrants over the land border with Turkey increased by almost 300 percent in 2018 compared to the previous year. There was an increase of 10 percent in migration to the Aegean islands during the same period. Vitsas said that a total of 47,929 migrants arrived in Greece in 2018 compared to 34,707 in 2017. Of that number, 32,155 individuals landed on the islands, while 15,814 went across the Evros River along the land border with Turkey. Though the Evros frontier is heavily guarded, it is still an easier way to get into Greece than taking a boat to an island in the Mediterranean or Aegean. Islands such as Lesvos, Samos, and Chios have essentially become dead-ends for migration, where thousands of asylum seekers and migrants remain stuck in squalid camps. Greece issued an official complaint to both the European Commission and Turkish authorities in October of 2018, blaming the Tur

Far Left in Ireland in Panic Mode as Christian Conservative Filmmaker Lauren Southern Secretly Visits and Gathers Evidence…

It seems the Irish Occupation regime's decision to open FOUR Direct Provision centres in quick succession has drawn sharp objection, not only from indignant locals, but has also prompted a secret visit from conservative documentary maker Lauren Southern, whose documentary "Farmlands" about Farm Murders in South Africa (see video at bottom) has received wide acclaim with over 2 Million views on youtube.  Lauren is working on a new documentary entitled "No Borders". The far left organisations behind the invasion of Ireland, like the Irish Immigration Council, the Irish Refugee Council, Refugee Integration Agency, Dept of Justice, etc. etc, resorted to sending out an emergency alert to all direct Provision centres to warn their profit units (migrants) about the bad boogeyman (rayyyssists!) who would offer them bribes to do an interview. Whilst this claim is totally false, Lauren has confirmed to Irish news that she does not pay anyone: Lauren stated: "Wow. I’m n

Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Greece Join Forces with Israel to Declare war against radical Islam, Globalist UN and Supremacist EU

The European Union and the UN are Shocked as Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Romania invited the Israel's Prime Minister to a historic summit at the Evksinograd Palace in Varna, Bulgaria. This is the first time that they have invited a leader outside these four countries to participate with them. After the historic summit, the Israeli prime minister released the following statement: "...I am here at the summit of four countries - Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and Romania... Specifically each one of them promised me that they would improve their voting on issues that concern us both in the European Union and in the UN...We uncovered recently several attempts to launch terrorist attacks on the soil of Europe, and we stand together in this battle against terrorism and against militant Islam...This is not merely a battle for the future of our countries, but for the future of our common values and our common civilization, and by cooperating, we are stronger. We are stronger toge

Gotcha! Southern Exposes Left Wing NGOs Who Train Migrants To Lie in Asylum Claims – UN Pretends Ignorance and “Alarm”!

Undercover reporting from Lauren Southern, for her upcoming documentary Borderless, shows Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) training Muslim migrants how to lie about trauma they have allegedly experienced, and about being Christians in order to gain asylum status in Europe amongst other things. It is well known George Soros funded the printing of maps and guides with phone numbers for these left wing NGOs so the migrants could call them the moment they land (that is why they all have a phone when they arrive and guard it with their life)! Lauren Southern is the young Christian Canadian who was banned from Fascist UK for simply critising Islam... Ariel Ricker, the director of Advocates Abroad, which is a left wing group staffed by legal experts who help those seeking asylum, is heard admitting that “it’s all acting,” and is akin to “theatre.” In one part of the undercover video recorded in Greece, Ricker is heard giving an example of a

Migrants “Enriching” The West with Record Breaking Measles Outbreak and South American “Kissing Bug” Disease!

Health experts are warning that a potentially lethal parasitic disease from South and Central America, spread by ‘kissing bugs’ has taken hold in the US and Europe, with more than 300,000 Americans contracting it. This news comes at the same time that a record-breaking 41,000 cases of measles have been registered in Europe so far this year resulting in 37 deaths, according to new statistics provided by the World Health Organization (WHO). The figure is almost double the then-record breaking number of 23,927 cases recorded in 2017. This will put an even heavier strain on the already struggling Health Services in Western nations as exposed by a nurse in Germany.
Although measles vaccination rates

Will Italy’s New Populist Government Offload its Illegal Migrants to Rest of Europe Now or Deport?

With Italy's new interior minister Matteo Salvini warning that his country would follow "alternative paths" if the European Union doesn't do more to take in migrants arriving from Africa, EU solidarity on the question is more than ever under scrutiny.

Migrants in Greece will be housed in hotels while you pay for it

In July this year the European commission (EC) allocated €209 million to accommodate migrants and to provide them with cash assistance in Greece. An enormous amount for some “camps” and “humanitarian aid” don’t you think? But as is often the case when the EC is involved, that’s not the whole story. Earlier we reported that Greece […]

Did Ancient Greeks Worship Earthquakes? Sacred Sites Built on Fault Lines

The ancient Greeks may have worshiped earthquakes, purposely building temples and other important structures directly above fault lines. But the same natural phenomenon they exalted could have also destroyed them. According to the University of Plymouth, it’s not an entirely new idea that earthquakes played a role in the lives of ancient Greeks: “Scientists have […]