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Extinction Fail – New Camera Angle Exposes Tiny Crowd At Main non Event in Dublin

Camera angles can be deceiving...why are such small protests being given wall-to-wall coverage? The man who sent us his videos of the stage said: "They were taken between 2.20 and 2.25 during the main event. You can hear the speakers. One of them is a 10 year old girl. I can honestly say that there were not more than 150 people there, as you can see from the videos."

“PLEASE HELP US”. Parents make desperate plea to Simon Harris to help their vulnerable autistic son

"PLEASE HELP US." These parents are in despair as their son Daniel who has severe behavioural issues with autism, has been left in Temple Street Hospital for 13 weeks because the HSE won't pay for residential care. They make a desperate plea for Simon Harris to help, and point out that Daniel's care is costing more and blocking other surgeries while he is left in Temple St Hospital. See more at https://gript.ie #gript #Ireland #SimonHarris

The Dublin-centric “Posh Boys” in Government Don’t Care About Rural Ireland – Mattie McGrath TD

Mattie McGrath TD describes why the Rural Independents launched a motion in support of the Agri-Food sector, and slams the government for their Dublin-centric attitudes.

#RunChickenRun Leo Varadkar So Scared of Questions, He Puts National Ploughing 2019 on Lockdown for his PR appearance

Seems Leo does not have the courage of his conviction, nor the ability to defend his policies to a lil ol women from the countryside? That should prove to anyone who is in the right here. What does he think lil ol Dee will do to him? He lives in a fantasy world of pre […]

Stabbing at RDS open day in Dublin – Will Dublin become a globalist sh*thole like London with this scourge?

Dublin seems to be on a fastrack to becoming another globalist sh*thole like London. Footage has emerged on social media today of chaos at an RDS open day in the aftermath of a stabbing at the Higher Options college fair which is being hosted there. Gardai rushed to the scene in South Dublin after a […]

#RunChickenRun Prov. Senator Paul Daly talks about beef prices but runs from hard questions about mass immigration

Beef from South America has four times the carbon footprint than beef from Ireland…

Interview with TD Pat Deering from Fine Gael Kilkenny

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