New Zealand Attacks – Enforced Multiculturalism Fails Again! Islam Uses Attack To Gain More Ground!

The events in New Zealand are indicative of the authorities ignoring the pleas and cries from the local citizens that they are concerned and unhappy about the enforced invasion of Islam and third world migrants.

It is indicative of the authority ignoring the real danger Islam presents to the Western way of life.

An Imam in Ireland is already taking advantage of the tragic events in New Zealand saying he is concerned about “islamophobia”. Clearly Irish people are not allowed to be unhappy with their own assimilation and the conquest of their nation.

It is always white people’s fault even when the kids were murdered in Manchester, the Police put extra police on Mosques!

Just how long must white people remain silent and obedient to their traitorous occupation regimes who allow the rape, murder and assimilation of their people.

Merkel has allowed thousands of war criminal migrants in, one can only imagine what lies in store for Germany.

These are the kind of events that lead to events like the New Zealand attack.

Muslims migrants have livestreamed the rape of girls many times, but the outrage is limited.

Meanwhile Theresa May will try for a third time to push her EU friendly agreement through which will leave UK as a vassal state of the EU with no powers. Nigel Farage threatens to elect 73 Nigel Farages if BRexit does not happen.

Traitor Leo is in US representing UN and EU even saying to Trump he prefers a deal with EU than with USA!

Will Hungary be the last future safe haven for European Refugees From EU Sh*tholes? Will Hungary veto BRexit extension for UK?

The entire political establishment, biased media and left wing apologists are dead quiet about it and quietly allowing Population Replacement to go ahead…

Wake up and start fighting back – we will need to make sacrifices… so that we can hand down the heritage we inherited to our children…

Telling it like it is….

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