Why Does Google, A US Corporation In Ireland, Not Hire ANY Irish Or US Citizens? Investigate The Sell Out!

Globalists are creating their own No Go Zones where locals are not allowed. Globalist multiculti are only allowed.

Having worked at Google in Dublin myself I can vouch for the fact that Google hires mostly non Irish people. Any Irish people are usually the cleaners. They import foreigners, pay for their migration, but when these foreign workers leave, Google does nothing to help them get back home. This kind of visa back door mass immigration is a hallmark of globalist multinational invasion worldwide.

This sell out needs to be investigated because clearly those in power have not even bothered to negotiate a good deal on behalf or Ireland, but simply opened the door and welcomed multinationals in to create a globalist foothold and bring with them their multinational, multicultural supremacy. Ireland is not only being transformed but it is being used as an address for multinationals to do business in the EU, and ONLY the elites are benefiting – THE IRISH ARE NOT BENEFITING FROM GOOGLE’S PRESENCE ONE BIT!

Why is Ireland not demanding that there is a minimum skills transfer from Google and other multinationals to its Irish citizens?

Even China demands this very basic condition from foreign companies and look how they are thriving and benefiting!

Why has Ireland not demanded a minimum quota of Irish employees to be employed by Google and other multinational globalists?

This, yet again, is total failure and betrayal on the part of Irish leaders.

Why are multinationals not paying their fair share of taxes?

In fact it really is hard to find any way in which the normal irish people are benefiting from the presence of these globalist parasites!

Whether you agree with Gemma or not, for a foreign company to deny an Irish journalist the right to free speech and to ply her trade in Ireland is nothing short of treason and conquest – and if you are on the side of google and other multinationals in this, you are an elitist selling kith, kin and country for coin.

…A Traitor

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