VIDEO: #TakeTheKneeForIslam “We Muslims are the New Black People of America!” – Blacks Get Brainwashed Into Attacking Whites for Islam’s Jihad!

BLM is currently more popular than both the Republican and Democrat Party in America! So who is paying for and stoking the race war? It is clear to even the most cucked or uninterested observer, that something is going on. Over the last few years “anti-racism” has become so militant and aggressive, that it is now the epitome of structural and systemic racism itself! Yet still it is pushed further and further, and now CAIR comes out openly admitting they have hijacked the Black Lives Matter movement! We already know Muslim Brotherhood in Europe has been heavily funding the “anti-racism” movement and antifa.

So who is using blacks as cannon fodder in a proxy war? Jews? Zionists? Communists? Russia? NWO Globalist Capitalists? Chinese? Muslims? Arabs? All of these certainly have the resources, influences, funding, networks and global supremacist ambition to ally with, and brainwash blacks into attacking whites like never seen before. While the historic wrongs of whites are rehashed and used time and again as justification for equally heinous crimes today, the wrongs of others are ignored and rewritten. Two wrongs do not make a right! It will just make history repeat itself.

Point is it does not matter any more who is stoking it, because it will not stop until whites wake up, stand up and put a stop to it, just like they put a stop to slavery. It appears the other races are only interested in global supremacy!

Unfortunately the one group that has very little funds, very little influence and no network, is the one being attacked, castigated and blamed for it all… the patriotic whites…. who just want a piece of land to raise their family mostly… oh and go to space… but the globalists have already declared that no homogeneous population will be allowed to exist anywhere on earth. I am sure China, India and Africa have something to say about that?

Whites need to make sure they do not become permanent victims to this war of global racial supremacy and make sure they secure their contribution to true diversity and their secure their own homeland – Europe! It is the only place on Earth to which they have unquestionable right!

BLM is white genocide


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