Rumours Fly Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy TD Blames Charlie Flanagan’s Migrant Crisis for Housing Crisis!

After having just survived the no confidence vote, Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy TD ignored Charlie Flanagan’s offered handshake to congratulate him, making Charlie look the fool! Seems there is animosity between the two and a source “high up in Fine Gael” seems to suggest Minister for Immigration, Charlie Flanagan’s refugee crisis is being blamed for the housing crisis, and thus the reason for the no confidence vote…

Fianna Fail’s abstention in the vote makes one wonder if they agree?

“Mate of mine is high up in Fine Gael Apparently there was a blazing row last night between Charlie Flanagan and Eoghan Murphy after Murphy went crazy at Flanagan for causing the housing crisis. Murphy apparently told Flanagan to call off his migrants currently pushing rents up…

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