Ireland Pimps Out For Globalist Multinationals Against Digital Sales Tax with Sweden, Denmark and Germany

Digital sales tax proposals are being blocked by an Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany alliance. Ireland is one of the last that’s opposing a European-wide digital tax on internet giants like Apple, Amazon and Facebook. Ireland alone could stop it from succeeding! It had the same privilege with the Lisbon referendum but also went the way of globalists…

The Irish government has been exerting heavy pressure in the industry, and we need to show Finance minister Donohoe that the people of Ireland want fair taxation of tech giants, before European ministers decide on Tuesday.

The prospect of an EU tax on digital sales, which the Government feared could hit Irish tax revenues from internet giants based here, has receded after an alliance of Ireland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany blocked the proposal in Brussels.

The result is a major victory for Irish diplomats and officials who have been quietly building alliances against the digital tax for months, and also for Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe who has been lobbying his fellow finance ministers on the proposal, though one senior Government source warned the French may seek to “kick the plan upstairs” to the meeting of European leaders later this month.

The commission proposals suggested a 3 per cent tax on the EU-based digital sales of multinational companies. Crucially, the tax would be payable where the user of the technology is based, rather than where the company’s headquarters is located. In practice, this would mean Ireland could lose significant tax revenues, the Government feared. The tax would have been introduced in 2022.

The most impactful way to make ourselves heard is with a personal phone call and a simple message: “I pay taxes, so should Apple, Facebook and Co. Mr Donohoe I count on you to stand with us.”

Call the Citizens Hotline at the Ministry of Finance at 01 604 5810

Here are a few suggestions on what you can say – the more personal your message, the more effective:

  • Internet giants in Europe should pay their taxes, just as we all do.
  • Over 500,000 citizens have already signed a petition calling on you to do this. Join us!
  • A vague declaration of intent on Tuesday is not a success – Finance minister Donohoe should listen to the citizens in Ireland and decide on a binding directive

We know that calls and direct messages to our ministers can tip the balance. Join now:

Call the Citizens Hotline at the Ministry of Finance at 01 604 58 10

Apple tax

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