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Sunday Reflection 04 – Lepers and the Church Community in 2019

Source: Fr Maurice and Fr Marius, from St Mary's Church in Cork, bring us their Sunday Reflection. This week they talk about the lepers and the lessons we can take from them in building and maintaining Catholic communities in 2019

Sunday Reflections 01 – The Church as a Society

Source: Fr Maurice and Fr Marius, from St Mary's Church in Cork, bring us their Sunday Reflection. This week they talk about the Church as a community of believers and the need to support each other in life, faith, and in developing virtue.

Michael Collins, TD, Cork South West: “Proper consultation needs to take place with rural communities”

Micheal Collins TD for Cork South West says proper discussion and consultation has to take place before hotels are commanded for direct provision centres. A bigger discussion needs to take place which address the real concerns people have and also to be humane for those refugees who need it.

Outrage in Cork over asylum seekers secretly bussed in to Macroom hotel

“The people of Ireland have got to stand up and revolt. Take a week off work, it will be well worth it!” The Niall Prenderville Show on Red Fm heard from callers over Riverside park hotel in Macroom being turned into emergency accommodation for asylum seekers without any consultation from the locals. Mick Mulcahy heard […]

Pro Open Borders Militant Far Left Wing Extremist Fiona Doesn’t Want Anyone on”HER LAND”! Yet she is a Council Tenant…

Loudmouth and arrogant as usual, Fiona even tried to strike the officer of the court after being served with papers in a case Ben Gilroy is bringing against her for defamation after she called him a cult member and racist etc. Now she will have to put her money where her very o[opinionated and treasonous […]

Why Does Google, A US Corporation In Ireland, Not Hire ANY Irish Or US Citizens? Investigate The Sell Out!

Globalists are creating their own No Go Zones where locals are not allowed. Globalist multiculti are only allowed. Having worked at Google in Dublin myself I can vouch for the fact that Google hires mostly non Irish people. Any Irish people are usually the cleaners. They import foreigners, pay for their migration, but when these […]

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Outrage in Cork over asylum seekers secretly bussed in to Macroom hotel – Niall Prenderville Show

"The people of Ireland have got to stand up and revolt. Take a week off work, it will be well worth it!"

“I AM THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE”, But Don’t Know Ireland Does NOT Deport Any Failed Asylum Seekers – Eibhlin Byrne, Director IRPP!

At a recent public meeting by the Lismore Welcome Project to announce the selection of a group of do gooders in Lismore, to run a pilot project to host a Syrian family, already settled in a refugee camp in Lebanon, it became clear The Department of Justice is only interested in imposing the programme of Population Replacement upon the unwitting, well meaning decent people of rural Ireland and had no interest in discussing it. A smirking Minister for Population Replacement, David Stanton, refused to answer questions on ISIS and Visa Fraud in Ireland whilst his lackeys ran defense and diverted any questions. So much so that right in front of the Minister of Justice, Evelyn claimed SHE was the Department of Justice! Eibhlin Byrne is the Director of the Irish Refugee Protection Programme(IRPP) & Chairperson of Holocaust Education Trust Ireland (HETI), She is former school teacher, a former FF Councillor and then Lord Mayor of Dublin who lives in a posh enclave in

Taking Our Democracy Back from the EU | Prof. Dolores Cahill at Irexit Cork

Dolores Cahill, award winning academic in Biomedicine, speaks at Irexit Cork in the Malrdon Hotel 16/02/19 Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website:

Cometh The Women, Cometh The Hour – Could Gemma O’Doherty Be New Renua’s New Leader?

Gemma O'Doherty who has been shaking up the system in recent months has finally had enough of the sorry state that Ireland is in, and has decided to launch herself in politics. She hosted a livestream on Youtube announcing her intention to start an anti-corruption, anti-establishment movement which attracted a thousand live viewers. During this livestream we asked Gemma what she thought of Renua and she responded favourably, going so far as to say she has a lot of time for Neil O'Mahony, the recently elected Chairman of Renua. This is significant, because whilst Renua as it is, is probably not anti establishment enough for Gemma, the recent election of Neil O'Mahony, a vocal critic of the establishment, immigration, the Health Service etc. shows the direction that Renua members want the party to go. Like Gemma, Renua is already tough on crime and corruption with Law and Order being one of their "Six Pillars". Renua are certainly looking at ways to bring the out of c

How To Stop Deviant Irish Regime Sexualising Our Innocent Children At Their Schools – #Frankensteinism

Irish Parents are speaking out against new proposals by the globalist marxist government, to teach primary school children about, and promote abortion, pornography, masturbation, transgenderism, etc. According to our Constitution this is solely the domain of the parents! WHAT YOU CAN DO: PLEASE TAKE 5 MINUTES TO DO AT LEAST ONE! 1. Here's your chance to be a part of the consultation with the NCCA (be careful with the strategically worded traps in questions and stick to the answer that best suits you). And a consultation with the National Parents’ Council: 2. Here's an ongoing petition started by a friend, Ciara Mannion: http://chng.i

Renua Renews Itself With A Platform To Put Ireland and Its People First. Neil O’Mahony Elected as New Chairman at Packed AGM

At a packed AGM which proved the old Renua was underselling itself, the new Renua finally confounded its mainstream critics and found a focus and identity. The Irish Identity and the Irish People - a niche that should be the mainstream, which could drive Renua into the limelight! At the AGM held in the Maldron Hotel, Renua discovered that the addition of "Nation State" to its "Six Pillars" in their constitution  was more popular than they expected, as many had to crowd standing into the back of the room. This change to their steering document was accompanied by the announcement of 20 Candidates for the Local Elections in May 2019, with many more to come as they continue their recruitment drive. They had already previously announced an MEP candidate. Leader John Leahy asked members present to get people interested in running in local elections to contact them. Members also voted on a new Chairman and Treasurer with the newly elected Chairperson Neil O Mahony f

GRAPHIC: If This Video Offends Or Bothers You, You Should Not Be Welcoming Illegal Unknown Migrants To Ireland! M&M’s Anyone?

This is the video the Establishment, Mainstream media and Social Media Networks do not want you to see. Some mainstream media outlets like BBC and CBS are going so far as to call the islamic beheading as mere stab wounds to the neck! Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are removing this video as soon as it is being posted by users. We have decided to post it on, as horrendous as it is, in an effort to make people realise the barbarity they are welcoming with open arms, and also in the interest of not censoring the brutality and inhumanity of these warriors and servants of Allah, but also to highlight the deceit that Mainstream media and the Establishment is practicing in the name of false virtue and oil cash.

Official Dail Records Are A “Makey-uppy” Thing – Oireachtas Transcripts Changed What Was Actually Said!

The official Dail transcript records Ms Chambers as having said: "Abortion regret is made up and it does not exist" though video from Thursday night clearly shows that she said: "Abortion regret is a makey-uppy thing. It doesn't exist." Three issues of concern are, firstly, where the ‘Official’ record, the Transcript is INCORRECT! It is a modified, edited version of what was Actually said. It proves a transcriber (or is there a subsequent upstream editor of the data?) interpreting and perverting reality... If this is possible as has happened in this case, with such ease and unconcern, what else has been retrospectively modified, erased, edited in all other ‘Official’ records of Oireachtas since the State was founded? Why do we wonder about the abundance of ‘Fake News’ when we can’t even retain the integrity of our own ‘Official’ records? The second point is the total dismissal of the Reality of abortion regret. Somehow LGBT people or illegal
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