Outrage in Cork over asylum seekers secretly bussed in to Macroom hotel – Niall Prenderville Show

“The people of Ireland have got to stand up and revolt. Take a week off work, it will be well worth it!”

The Niall Prenderville Show on Red Fm heard from callers over Riverside park hotel in Macroom being turned into emergency accommodation for asylum seekers without any consultation from the locals.

Mick Mulcahy heard that the hotel had fallen into disrepair but then new owners bought it three weeks ago. They informed employees they were going to close the hotel for three weeks but then a week later a bus arrived outside the hotel “sneaking in” asylum seekers. The staff were shocked as anyone else.

Hotels changing hands or being leased out before abruptly being turned into accommodation for asylum seekers is a common occurrence in Ireland as was the case in Rooskey and Rosslare.

Mulcahy heard from one caller who believed the Department of Justice were calling it emergency accommodation just to keep the locals quiet.

“How come three weeks ago it was taken over by new management and now all of a sudden there’s busloads of people going in there. There’s has to be some inside information going on in there.”

One female texter wrote in to say that she now feels intimidated on her daily walk going past the hotel as ten kids staying in the hotel started to jeer at her when she passed.

Another caller listed a number of problems he had discovered with asylum seekers. He believed there were a lot of asylum seekers working illegally. As a courier, he was always delivering packages to asylum seekers so he wondered how they were getting so much money.

Many callers wondered why asylum seekers can be housed in hotels when there are still Irish people homeless, sleeping on the streets.

Another caller was frustrated with the lack of background checks and people with deportation orders never being deported. Meanwhile they are “bussing in more and more and more” using “underhand tactics”. He was enraged by do-gooders” and spoke about the high crime rates among migrants. He believed they were responsible for 50% of crime.

Another caller said that the people of Ireland have got to stand up and revolt.

“Until such time as our own are looked after, it’s going to incite it — take a week off work, it will be well worth it.”

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Broadcast: The Niall Prenderville Show | Red FM | 15 Aug 2019

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