E.U. Brings Conflict To Europe! Does Ireland Side with EU Supremacists and Self Destruction or the Traditional European Nation States?

French President Macron has declared war on European Nation States and has said leaders of Hungary, Italy and other patriotic nations were right to see him as their main opponent, thereby upping the ante in the bitter European debate over mass immigration policies. Given Ireland’s enslavement to the EU Project, it is fairly clear which side of the battle the occupation regime in the Dáil Éireann supports…

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on Tuesday launched an anti mass immigration manifesto aiming at next year’s European parliament elections, and countering the opposing camp led by the French and German presidents.
There are currently two camps in Europe and one is headed by [Emmanuel] Macron,” Orban said at a press conference after holding talks with Salvini in Milan. “He is at the head of the political forces supporting immigration. On the other hand, we want to stop illegal immigration.”

E.U. countries are expected to go to the polls in May 2019, and Salvini has aligned himself with some of the patriotic “Visegrad” countries: the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary, as well as Austria. Essentially the countries on the frontline who bare the biggest brunt of mass illegal immigration.

Salvini’s meeting with Orban came shortly after Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s more low-key summit with his Czech counterpart Andrej Babis, which also focused on migration as the Czech PM called for no illegal migrants in Europe even before his visit to Italy.

At the heart of the talks between the two prime ministers was a safer and fairer Europe as a common objective to work towards … beginning with the key issues for European citizens: the fight against illegal migration, growth and work, and socio-economic stability,” a government statement said.

Salvini has repeatedly called out the European Union over mass immigration, accusing the supremacist bloc of having abandoned Italy as Italy struggles to deal with the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants who have arrived on its shores since 2013 looking for the EU’s offers of cash and free benefits.

His patriotic stance has drawn support from key leaders of Europe’s including Marine Le Pen and Orban, who confirmed Italian media reports that he called Salvini “my hero and fellow traveller“.

Salvini, who is also co-deputy prime minister and leader of the nationalist League party, has criticised globalists like billionaire Hungarian Oligarch George Soros – also one of Orban’s enemies – and Macron.

The French president, with left wing policies that parades as centre right, has threatened the carrot and stick approach to countries who refuse to submit and cow tow on mass immigration, saying those who benefit from the EU (the carrot) but “claim national self-interest when it comes to the issue of mass immigration” should have sanctions (the stick) imposed on them.

Tuesday’s meeting in Milan came just days after Italy’s latest standoff with Brussels over illegal immigration, which led to scores of illegal migrants being held on a coastguard boat moored in Sicily for days until a relocation deal was struck enabling them to disembark on Sunday. A dozen of whom have Tuberculosis and four were suspected people smugglers.

Salvini said he would continue to refuse NGO ships with migrants access to Italian ports, and brushed off an investigation into “abduction” launched against him by left wing prosecutors in Sicily.

They won’t make me take one step backwards,” he said.

Orban, who speaks fluent Italian, told reporters that he would not allow migrants to enter Hungary, and insisted that help should be “taken to where people are in trouble, rather than bring trouble to us“.

We need a new European Commission that is committed to defence of Europe’s borders,” he said.

Migration is a hot-button issue in Italy where Salvini’s meeting with Orban also had support from the Five Star Movement leader Luigi Di Maio, Salvini’s fellow deputy PM, who stood alongside Salvini in opposition to Europe’s handling of mass illegal immigration from Libya.

Last week Di Maio threatened to pull Italy’s EU budget contributions if more help didn’t arrive and backed Salvini as he waited for nearly a week for an EU response which never came, before allowing 140 illegal migrants to disembark a coastguard ship docked at the Sicilian port of Catania after the Catholic Church, Ireland and Albania offered to share them out. France however did not offer any assistance despite Macrons rhetoric…

However Five Star includes within its broad political ranks a left-wing faction uncomfortable with the party’s alliance with Salvini causing Di Maio to object to Orban on Monday for putting up “barbed-wire barriers” and refusing to do his part to help with migrants.

It is clear the patriotic or “populist” movement in Europe is far from done and by this time next year Europe will be a very different place, either a lot better or a lot worse, to the extent it will no longer be recognisable as the homeland of Europeans, but rather a hell hole of vices and consumption with Oligarchs feeding off the mixed race masses…

Don Murray




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