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Funny if it were not so serious! Forthright Katie Hopkins Tells Americans Just How Far UK and Europe Have Fallen.

“Mosques are not places of worship, they are places of organisation and mobilisation” – Katie Hopkins explains to americans what is happening in Europe with the islamic invasion and how it works. Katie Hopkins Speech to American Freedom Alliance Conference October 2019. With thanks to the AFA, President Karen Seigmund and all the AFA team.

Imperialist EU Calls Arms Dealers Partners, Not Vendors! – Clare Daly: “Every time I listen to Verhofstadt, I see the ARROGANCE of EU institutions”

Irish MEP Clare Daly (Confederal Group of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left) has called out Guy Verhofstadt for his arrogance. “Every time I listen to EU’s Verhofstadt, I see the arrogance of the EU institutions”, she said during a debate on Brexit.

Locals in Oughterard: “Direct Plantation system is a money making scam for those with political connections”

Locals in Oughterard points out that the DPC system is a money making scam for those with political connections. There is no consideration for local communities and decisions are made without regard or consultation. #gript Donate today to Gript! See more at Follow our socials: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Patreon: Our Podcasts: #gript

“End Neo Liberalism” Clare Daly MEP says BRexit not about “Crazy Brits” But About Failed Neo Liberalism, Yet She Supports Mass Immigration?

MEP Clare Daly seems to have accepted BRexit and used a BRexit debate to rather target neoliberalism, the European Union and UK Establishment. Clare Daly (Ind) said that BRexit was not about the "Crazy Brits" but about the failure of neoliberal politics in the EU and highlighted the Lisbon and Nice agreements. She also blamed soaring rents, declining wages, privatisation and undermining of public services.

Anna Kavanagh talks with farmers protesting outside Kepak Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath

Live with farmers protesting outside Kepak Kilbeggan, Co Westmeath

Secret footage of Boris v Leo meeting in Dublin: The Brexit Showdown

Secret footage of Boris meeting Leo in Dublin

Traitor Leo Varadkar and EU Do Want, and Will Put Up, A Hard Border Wall After BRexit!

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar conceded that a no-deal Brexit would force Dublin to put up a hard border in order to protect the European Union. However they also insist there is no other option than the already signed “Withdrawal Agreement” which has been rejected 3 times by UK parliament. On his first official visit […]

Sh*tstorm Coming Youtube’s Way! Every Youtuber MUST Watch and Protest Against Youtube Censorship

#SpeakersUnicorner There have been protests outside Google’s European headquarters in Dublin over the last two weeks, after Google summarily deleted a well known Irish Journalist’s Youtube channel with over 20,000 Subscribers. Strangely though, a variety of left wing groups including the MEP, Ming Flanagan, have called for counter protests against these protesters in support of […]

Eurosceptic Left Wing MEP Candidate Clare Daly Wears Anti Establishment “Free Assange” T-Shirt At MEP Vote Count

Left Wing independents4change MEP candidate Clare Daly showed her support for jailed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during the vote count for the European elections in Dublin on Monday, where she won a seat in the European Parliament. The candidate who has now won a seat in the European Parliament promises to deliver many a clash with the establishment...
Daly wore a t-shirt reading ‘Free Assange’ as she waited for the votes to be counted and, after a close contest, was announced as an Irish MEP for the first time. She edged out Sinn Feins's Lyn Boylan who has controversially been linked to George Soros...
Daly has shown her support for Assange in the past, and wore the same shirt in a campaign video on May 24 in which Daly claimed that BRexit and the "rise of the far right" are symptoms of EU oppression. Daly also met with Assange in 2013 while he was in the Ecuadori

UN Migration Pact To Be Compulsory! The Establishment Lies To The People To Hold On To Power! Get Out & Fight Back!

Is Physical Intervention The Only Way To Save European Nations? So, the so called "far right conspiracy", that the UN Migration Pact was not voluntary, turns out to be true! A document has been leaked showing that the Establishment is planning to make the UN Migration Pact compulsory and even countries that did not sign, will be forced to comply. Internal documents reveal that Brussels plans to incorporate the controversial UN migration pact into the EU’s legal framework “through the back door”, Austria and Hungary have warned.

Allah Declared The Only God in New Zealand Parliament – Dail Also Being Destroyed From Within!

Allastriona discusses current affairs with regular guest Elvis, an Iranian christian who sought refuge in UK, only to find more persecution there... Elvis, who speaks and reads Arabic, has some shocking revelations about Islam... The treasonous New Zealand Prime Minister, who clearly does not understand arabic, unknowingly allowed Islam to officially declare in the NZ Parliament that New Zealand was now an islamic state and that Allah was the only god... As we are forced back to Imperialism by islamo-globalist corporate interests and socialist supremacists, the time has come for Crusaders to Save Europe!

Globalist attacks on BRexit same as attacks on Irish after voting NO in the Lisbon Treaty Referendum

Feelings are sacred now, countries are not... Ireland was the only EU country to put the Lisbon Treaty to a popular vote and they rejected it. Brussels then launched a secret plan to force Ireland to vote yes in a second referendum. An explosive secret document was revealed that exposed the deliberate push to make Ireland vote again and make them vote yes - this happened in October 2009. Likewise a document has been revealed showing similar manipulation and secrets arrangements on BRexit between May and Merkel. The only way out is NOT to vote for FF/FG/SF/PBP/Labour/SD etc. [embed][embed] BRexit is deliberately being turned into a complete disaster to scare any other EU countries from even thinking about it. And it is working! The British are standing and marching against what has been done, but the Irish seem to be docile and accepting of anything that gets done to them... Even Africans would not allow their c
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