Allah Declared The Only God in New Zealand Parliament – Dail Also Being Destroyed From Within!

Allastriona discusses current affairs with regular guest Elvis, an Iranian christian who sought refuge in UK, only to find more persecution there… Elvis, who speaks and reads Arabic, has some shocking revelations about Islam…

The treasonous New Zealand Prime Minister, who clearly does not understand arabic, unknowingly allowed Islam to officially declare in the NZ Parliament that New Zealand was now an islamic state and that Allah was the only god…

As we are forced back to Imperialism by islamo-globalist corporate interests and socialist supremacists, the time has come for Crusaders to Save Europe!

It does not matter what happens to the Dail or the UK Parliament because power is being handed to the EU Parliament, so party politics and problems are irrelevant. The same way the Irish and UK army is being destroyed from the inside because there will a new EU army which will absorb them.

BRexit is being deliberately delayed until the Lisbon Treaty comes into effect when all power will go to Brussels in 2020.

Liberals will say refugees welcome but when asked to take an actual refugee home, they all have excuses…
There is an old Iranian saying, debt is good for the neighbour…

When you take away a population’s natural self defense mechanism using the “anti-racism” weapon, they are vulnerable to anything and everything. Previous generations would not have invited their own suicide like the current culturally marxist brainwashed generation is doing.

There is almost nothing left that has not been unchanged. They have reached the root of our existence and penetrated and infiltrated our schools and even the food we eat is halaal. Even though only 5% of people eat Halaal, the entire population has to follow it too.

If only 5% follow sharia, does that mean everyone must follow sharia too?
If only 4% are gay, must everyone follow gay laws?

The New Zealand Prime Minister seems to have converted to Islam as she fawns over muslims and Islam, even inviting them into Parliament where they recited in arabic that there is no god other than Allah – so much for secular government…

When they recite this in your parliament, it indicates that your country has officially submitted to islam.

Nice muslims are not real muslims. Once you join Islam, it is like the cult of mafia – you cannot leave.

When Islam takes over Ireland, Leo Varadkar will be thrown from the rooftop for being gay – because he is the leader, he will get the worst punishment as an example.

Europeans have not learnt from history of previous conquests, yet the muslim has and they have adapted their conquest strategy which has been aided by western dependence on oil, so they can coerce and convince the West to invite them to come take over.

Many Europeans claim to be not religious and if they are christian they only do it once a week, but when they become muslim or Buddhist, they do it over top 24/7!

The entire political establishment, biased media and left wing apologists are dead quiet about it and quietly allowing the destruction of Ireland to go ahead and its occupation and population replacement…

Wake up and start fighting back – we will need to make sacrifices… so that we can hand down the heritage we inherited to our children…

Telling it like it is….

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