Smoking is Harmless they said! They also said WMDs, Russian Collusion, Global Warming, etc. Wake Up!

“Smoking is harmless” they said “Weapons of Mass Destruction” they said “Coastal Cities would be flooded in 12 years” they said “Trump can never win” they said “Russian collusion” they said Vaping, mobile phones, vaccines, LGBTxyz, Sex-ed 4 kids is harmless they are saying now. Climate emergency is real they’re SAYING NOW… Why do we […]

TRSI 21 – Price comparison: If you’re a smoker this podcast could save you €3,411 a year!

Source: Gary and Michael discuss the recent increase in the cost of cigarettes in Ireland, how smokers who are willing to travel can, perfectly legally, save thousands of euro a year, and the issue of evidence based tobacco policies that don't have any evidence behind them. 7:15 Price comparison within EU.
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