Italy Says NO to #KalergiBoats! Communist Spain says YES. Will Spain be the next target for mass illegal immigration perpetrated by The Establishment and EU?

After nearly three quarters of a million African migrants have invaded Italy, the new government has said no more and banned the left wing migrant ferry ship ‘Aquarius’ with 629 african migrants on board from docking at its ports. Italy’s new government says it’s been left alone by the EU to deal with the uncontrolled influx of refugees.

“This EU is not showing solidarity,” Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said, adding that “Italy has to deal with the problem” of illegal human trafficking and migration flows “all by itself.”

He pointed out that some EU states shut their borders and refused to co-operate. Italy demands an equal share of migrant intake to be distributed across the bloc, something Conte raised at the G7 meeting this past weekend.

Matteo Salvini, Italy’s Interior Minister and Northern League party leader decided to refuse docking to ‘Aquarius’ and redirect the vessel to the Island of Malta, apparently in line with his election promises. Salvini’s move was applauded by his supporters, who cheered the new government’s stance to strengthen the patrolling of its borders.

Salvini’s globalist left wing critics, however, weren’t as keen as predictably accused the new Interior Minister of lack of empathy and their only response was the worn out accusations of “racism” in a volley of hate. Left wing Founder of Italian “NGO” association “Emergency,” Gino Strada, showed his treasonous stripes by calling Salvini a “racist,” saying he never expected he would be living in a country where ministers of interior are “cops.” Salvini retweeted a video with Strada’s comments, adding “Stop human trafficking, let’s defend our boundaries, I won’t give up, my friends.”

Mimicking the kinds of problems USA is experiencing with left wing “sanctuary cities”, the traitorous mayors of Naples and Palermo in turn vented their anger at Salvini, as they stated that their cities would be more than happy to accept those in need of shelter despite the fact that both cities had been suffering from major migrant influx in the past five years. Did they ask the residents? Will they pay for it all or does it just mean lots of profit to them?

The move also created rifts with Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat who said the he was “worried about the direction taken by the Italian authorities” that according to him went against international law.

Salvini took this a chance to remind that other European countries have been defending their borders without much of a fuss.

“In the Mediterranean…there’s Malta that does now welcome anyone, there is France that rejects [refugees] at its borders, there’s Spain that defends its borders with the arms. Basically, everyone in Europe does their own business,” Salvini said.

Meanwhile, the situation with ‘Aquarius’ was resolved after Spain decided to step in following the UN refugee agency, which uses migrants as a weapon of conquest, called to find a way to take the ship full of people in. Spain’s newly sworn-in communist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said he instructed the ship to be admitted to the eastern port of Valencia.

The episode has divided opinions in southern Italy, with anti-migrant moods apparently on the rise. While the mayor of Sicily’s port town Messina expressed his willingness to welcome the refugees, his opinion seems to clash with that of many locals interviewed by RT’s video agency Ruptly. “We need to know who is arriving,” a local man, Salvo Cavallaro said, “these 600 people, we don’t know who they are. Not all of them are honest people.”

Another local resident, Natale Lombardo, said illegal migrants disembarking on the island were virtually “invading” them, adding that “he who arrives here legally is welcomed, but between these people there are also illegals and those can’t be tolerated.”

Italy has had to accept some 700,000 migrants since 2013, in line with the controversial Dublin Regulation requiring to declare refugee status in their first country of arrival. In his first address to the parliament, PM Conte promised his government would steer the country to solve this problem that “has grown out of all proportion under the cloak of fake solidarity”.

Kalergi Boat


To add credence to the idea that Span is the migrant hell hole, Bilbao is now fast becoming another hotspot for migrants seeking to illegally enter the UK. Spanish authorities have now erected a 4 meter wall topped with razor wire to tighten security at the Basque city’s port.

Since the closure of the so-called ‘Jungle’ refugee camp in Calais, France, migrants are now seeking other ways of crossing over to the UK, with some seeking a route through Spain. Many camp by the port, trying daily to sneak into cars, vans, and other vehicles.

The UK’s high wages and low jobless rate of about 4 percent are a draw for migrants. Despite Spain’s growing economy, its unemployment rate remains above 16 per cent.

Arben, a young Albanian man, has made it on to UK soil once – hiding undetected for four days inside a van, which eventually was loaded on to a ferry which took him to Portsmouth. On the other side, Arben, who only chose to provide his first name to the Irish Times journalist who interviewed him, ran into trouble in the form of a British sniffer dog. He was left with a dog bite and a trip back to Spain, to his waiting tent.

The Port of Bilbao has become a popular spot for Syrian, Afghan, Albanian and other nationalities, the presence of whom has now led to increased security measures around the dock. As well as the four meter wall around the perimeter of the car park for vehicles carrying cargo, authorities have also increased the civil guard’s patrols.

“We’ve started a new procedure, checking every truck,” one civil guard said. “We also check the surroundings and there are more personnel working here now.”

Vehicles are checked, both underneath for any migrants clinging to the underside of the vehicle, and for carbon dioxide levels inside. A small device inserted into the awning of a trailer, can measure the amount of carbon dioxide inside, and if it is higher than normal, guards will assume someone is hiding inside and open the trailer to investigate.

So far this year, just over 1,000 attempts to illegally cross into the UK have been stopped. In Spain, stowing away on vehicles is considered an infraction but not a crime, therefore almost all the migrants who are caught are removed from the port area and released, only for them to simply have another go the next day.

The newly-built wall and increased security around the port seem to have been effective. Less migrants are being caught than at the end of 2017, as many are relocating elsewhere along the coast, to cities like Santander. “It’s very difficult to get into the UK from here, so they are moving to other ports,” said the civil guard to the Irish Times, adding “They are desperate, really desperate.”

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