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Windows Display for Penneys Christmas Collection in Dublin Pushes Globalist Miscegenation Agenda!

Ask any advertising agency – mixed & non white races spend more money on disposable goods & brand names. This is the root of the #Kalergi plan, for greedy elites to make more profit. Whites are not profitable – they save, demand quality & don’t breed new consumers fast enough! Miscegenation is the coerced mixing […]

Former Abortionist Anthony Levatino on Irish abortion law & conscience (Irish Spirit Radio)

This was posted on the Internet October 2019. "This is the best interview that I have heard yet post referendum - Dr. Anthony Levatino (former American abortionist) and his reaction to the ‘Irish model’...." Comment from Dr. Andrew O'Regan of Doctors for Life

You’ve got Kids 08 – The Importance of Grandparents and The Memories They Have and Make With Kids

Aoife and Eina talk about grandparents, those who love having their grandchildren about and those who don't, and the importance of letting your children make memories with them before they pass on.

You’ve got Kids 07 – How do you actually afford to have children on one income?

Source: Aoife and Eina talk about how they get by on a single income with kids, the sacrifices they had to make, the advantages to doing it this way, and what they're seeing from their friends who held off on having children until they could afford a certain lifestyle.

Learn Irish Words – Talking About Clothes in the Irish Language

In this video I will show you how to pronounce different items of clothing in the Irish language, you'll learn lots of useful words and phrases with slow and clear pronunciation and subtitles to help you. Learn Irish words and lots more by subscribing to my channel.

Learn Irish Words – 7 Beautiful Words in the Irish Language

In this video I will show you 7 beautiful words in Irish to do with animals, plants and nature and I'll explain how the Irish version of these words came to be formed. Learn Irish Words and lots more by subscribing to my channel and hitting that bell so you can be notified whenever I upload a new video.

Speaking Irish in Dublin City

In this video I will in Dublin city, sharing with you some new words and phrases in Irish, I will be speaking Irish in the city and outside some of the great tourist attractions that I visited in Dublin such as Croke Park and Epic - the Emigration museum.

Learn Irish – Verb Tiomáin To Drive

In this learning Irish video I will explain about the verb to drive which is Tiomáin, I will give you some phrases that you could use in conversation as well as new words that can help build your confidence with this wonderful language. I will also mention my other YouTube channel as well in this video. If you wish to check out my other YouTube channel on learning to drive you can do so here

Learn the Irish Language – Cycling As Gaeilge

Learn how to say I like Cycling and lots of other Cycling related words and phrases in this Irish language video. I will explain how to talk about the hobby of Cycling and give you phrases you could use in everyday conversation. Learn the Irish language by subscribing for more great videos.

Learn Irish Words Beginning with the Letter E – Learn Irish Gaelic

In this video I will pick 5 random words beginning with the letter E and give you a translation and some sample sentences that you could use in conversation. Learn Irish words beginning with the letter E and lots more by checking out the other videos on my channel and subscribing now.
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