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BRexit and IRexit Will Happen Because the EU is collapsing – Time for Plan B!

After the Bavarian elections and recent BRexit negotiations it is clear the EU is disingenuous and only interested in its imperialist hegemony. Europeans are waking up to this fact and that combined with the unsustainable debt being created, means EU will crash, setting European Nation States free. [embed][/embed] Many EU nations are waking up to the totalitarian threat that the European Union presents, yet Ireland seems to be insisting on blindly going against the populist trend and doubling down on its own destruction and dependence on EU and its Oligarchs, for the price of a bowl of lentil soup. Not having learnt from our harsh history, Ireland looks dead set on repeating the famine years where indigenous families and small businesses (tenant farmers) are totally destroyed and pushed out of their own homes, farm, and country to be replaced by invaders... Why do the Irish feel so guilty about their own existence even though they never

Germans Have To Integrate With Migrants! Only 2 Kids out of 25 Are German in Local Nursery School!

A German mother has taken to Social Media to express her shock, fear and concern with a polarizing viral video which seems to have hit a chord as it received 2 million views. The mother of a 3-year-old boy, who ironically wears the liberal trademark pink hair, complains that her son cannot socialize with other kids in a public nursery, as only two out of 25 can speak German yet all foreigners can communicate with each other in their language. This situation is not unique either!
In a Facebook video post filmed on August 15, the mother, Leen Kroetsch, takes aim at German politicians for what she claims is a botched immigration policy which is forcing her 3-year-old, who has no immigrant background, to adjust to foreign and alien environment in the daycare center. Kroetsch claims that out of 25 children, her son's group consists of only two without an immigrant background and who can speak

Twice As Many Migrants Die in The Sahara as What Drown in The Med Where Fake Rescue NGO Ships Entice Them With a Free Ride

The gruesome consequences of European Elites and the EU grooming and enticing Africans to come to Europe "for a better life" is only now starting to be exposed. The cash incentives, free medical and housing for life that traitorous left wing and cuckservative (centre right) governments offer to entice new consumers and workers for the Multinational and Oligarch profits is really the same a winning an actual lottery for an African. Risking their life is obviously worth the big win offered by the virtue signalling West.

Oh Susanna, Merkel won’t cry for you… but Tommy would die for you…

Like a Jellyfish out of water, Europe is paralysed and at the mercy of World Supremacists and their invading goloms, raw material ready to be turned into obedient consumers and indebted slaves on the plantation of globalism.. Susanna and Tommy are just another of the many who are to be replaced...

#EurAfrica YOUR Government Has Already Agreed to Turn Europe into Africa. Hungary Has Devised Ingenious Opt Out! Video

HUNGARY SAYS NO! Refuses to sign Marrakesh Declaration that will massively increase legal immigration to the EU from the Middle East and African nations. Hungary on Wednesday refused to endorse a statement on migration adopted at a Euro-African ministerial conference in Marrakesh, the foreign minister said, calling the document “an extremely pro-migration statement that goes against Hungary’s interests”.

Traitors Who Sell Kith, Kin and Country for Coin: Only 1% of 1.65 Million Asylum Claims in Germany Were Actually Reviewed by Migration Offices

The German federal migration service plans to review thousands of successful asylum applications after it was revealed that a treasonous regional migration office granted asylum to thousands of people without sufficient grounds. It has also been revealed that less than 1 percent of all asylum applications approved by local and regional migration offices have actually been properly reviewed by the federal migration office. This follows a corruption and bribery scandal that involved traitors including the former regional office head as well as five other local employees, including three lawyers and an interpreter.

German doctor calls refugees medical tourists: They even ask for Viagra

A German doctor decided to quit his job in a transit centre for refugees in Bavaria. He once treated wounded refugees but is now being harassed by ‘medical tourists’ looking for Viagra or a new hip. Residents of Bavaria’s transit centres do not receive language courses and are not allowed to work, but they are […]

#StabFugees String of Knife Attacks by Teenage Refugees from Syria and Afghanistan in Germany raises concerns

A spate of bloody knife attacks in recent weeks has led to concerns about a rise in knife crime by teenage refugees who have been the culprits has fired up critics of the government. On Tuesday morning a 24-year-old woman’s life still hung in the balance after she was stabbed by a Syrian teen refugee on Saturday in the town of Burgwedel in Lower Saxony. After undergoing an emergency operation she was placed in an artificial coma.

Bavaria changes legal designation of asylum centres to ‘dangerous’

Bavaria’s Integration Act regarding asylum housing and transit centres was changed because police continued to be called out every day to deal with serious crimes. From now on, migrant centres will be classified in the same way as gambling dens and brothels. The legal framework has been tightened after a surge in violent migrant crime, […]
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