BRexit and IRexit Will Happen Because the EU is collapsing – Time for Plan B!

After the Bavarian elections and recent BRexit negotiations it is clear the EU is disingenuous and only interested in its imperialist hegemony. Europeans are waking up to this fact and that combined with the unsustainable debt being created, means EU will crash, setting European Nation States free.

Many EU nations are waking up to the totalitarian threat that the European Union presents, yet Ireland seems to be insisting on blindly going against the populist trend and doubling down on its own destruction and dependence on EU and its Oligarchs, for the price of a bowl of lentil soup.

Not having learnt from our harsh history, Ireland looks dead set on repeating the famine years where indigenous families and small businesses (tenant farmers) are totally destroyed and pushed out of their own homes, farm, and country to be replaced by invaders…

Why do the Irish feel so guilty about their own existence even though they never invaded anyone else’s country or enslaved any other population?

Wake up and start fighting back – we will need to make sacrifices… so that we can hand down the heritage we inherited to our children…

Telling it like it is….

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  1. I pray and hope to god, that this country which I have chosen to live out my last days, does not succumb to the wave of migrants from Africa. They understand only one thing, and that is violence. Many forms, mostly burning/fire but violence. Please Ireland, make sure this does not happen!


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