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The Totalitarian Enemy Within: Why UK & Ireland Support ISIS Terrorists But Not IRA “Terrorists”

Elvis, an Iranian Christian in exile in UK, reads from the Arabic versions of the Quran and Haddiths to make sense of the inexplicable sympathetic reaction the Irish and UK governments have towards ISIS terrorists, yet people who went to fight against ISIS with the Kurds and IRA terrorists are jailed. It is clear our Governments cannot speak Arabic and cannot read the Quran, otherwise they would see how they are being used by Islam. Or do they? Are they perhaps colluding with Islam in order to implement a totalitarian regime, hoping they can extract Islam later on? Elvis thinks so... Boy are they wrong... this trick has been played out in every country which is now an Islamic State.. and those that tried to use Islam to gain power, were the first to be beheaded in the public square.

Israel Sets Leading Example in Defending True Diversity by Deporting Illegal African Migrants or Jailing Them

Deportation or jail: Israel gives African migrants 60-day deadline to leave country  and has started issuing deportation orders to African migrants, giving them 60 days to return to their home countries or opt for an unnamed safe haven. Those failing to meet the deadline risk being sent to prison. Israel's Population, Immigration and Border Authority delivered the first batch of notices Sunday, telling migrants they have to leave before April 1. The notification says the government arranged their relocation to “a safe third country.” In addition to the travel documents and free plane tickets, the migrants will receive a $3,500 cash payment.
‘We Do Not Give Colour To Crime, We Do Not Give Colour To Victims’

‘We Do Not Give Colour To Crime, We Do Not Give Colour To Victims’

FILE: Farming communities protested against farm murders on 30 October 2017, under the banner ‘genoeg is genoeg’ (enough is enough). Cabinet has condemned those who blocked roads and displayed the old South African flag during so-called Black Monday protests against farm murders. Briefing the media at Parliament on discussions at Thursday’s meeting, Communications Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane says that […]

Open Letter To Lord Peter Hain: Belated ‘Appreciation’ From An Afrikaner

JOHANNESBURG — Lord Peter Hain has found himself playing another key role in South African history. Born to anti-apartheid activist parents, who were forced into exile in 1966 after being jailed and banned, Hain went on to lead campaigns to stop South African sports tours during Apartheid. A former British MP and Cabinet Minister, he is now in the House of […]

SOUTH AFRICA: The Naked Hypocritical Curse Of The ‘Majority Rule’

WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT – NOT FOR SENSITIVE VIEWERS! SOUTH AFRICA is ostensibly a country whose controllers exercise the worst kind of naked racism and discrimination in order to stay in power. South Africa is also furthermore a country with the most vindictive, cruel and racist black population on earth, who refuse to obey any […]

Eventually they woke up in the Netherlands – Now how about the rest of the world ?

Links Nederland zwijgt als het graf, sinds afschaffing Apartheid Massamoord in Zuid Afrika van bijna half miljoen mensen Bijna een half miljoen mensen zijn door moord omgekomen in Zuid Afrika sinds de afschaffing van de Apartheid in 1994. Na de vrijlating van Mandela werd er op de wereld door alle linkse mensen feest gevierd, omdat […]

Imminent, Unstoppable South African Genocide – Why Dismantling Apartheid caused the Genocide of Black and White South Africans

The discussion with Simon Roche of SA Prepper group Suidlanders, looks at how and why the dismantling of Apartheid has caused the destruction of Black South Africa and the genocide of White South Africans. Whilst the Destruction of South Africa will have consequences regionally and worldwide, the question is whether it is deliberate and whether […]

Lindiwe Sisulu’s court bid will help reverse effects of apartheid.

The Western Cape ANC welcomed Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu’s decision to take the Western Cape government to court over the sale of the Tafelberg property, saying it will help reverse the legacy of apartheid. In March, the provincial cabinet announced it approved the sale of the property to the Phyllis Jowell Jewish Day School […]

Deny White Men The Right To Vote Then Steal Their Assets – Huffington Post

The Huffington Post South Africa has a brilliantly racist genocidal new progressive plan to solve all of Africa’s problems: deny white men the right to vote, then vote to steal their assets. It’s all detailed in a new article titled, “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?” by so called “activist and […]

Enough is Enough: Stop White Genocide Now

Over a two year time span, South African Claudine Van Wyk lost three beloved family members in a series of gruesome farm attacks in the troubled African nation. Her story is hardly unique. The horrendous violence that has become so common in South Africa is a terror that even Crossborder violence or irrational violence against […]

What Comes After The ANC? Revisiting Our Vision Of Tomorrow

“Non-violence is not to be used ever as the shield of the coward. It is the weapon of the brave.” – Gandhi Often when it comes to managing conflict it simply is a case of you not seeing an issue through the eyes of the other person and the other person does not see it […]
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