The Totalitarian Enemy Within: Why UK & Ireland Support ISIS Terrorists But Not IRA “Terrorists”

Elvis, an Iranian Christian in exile in UK, reads from the Arabic versions of the Quran and Haddiths to make sense of the inexplicable sympathetic reaction the Irish and UK governments have towards ISIS terrorists, yet people who went to fight against ISIS with the Kurds and IRA terrorists are jailed.

It is clear our Governments cannot speak Arabic and cannot read the Quran, otherwise they would see how they are being used by Islam. Or do they? Are they perhaps colluding with Islam in order to implement a totalitarian regime, hoping they can extract Islam later on? Elvis thinks so…

Boy are they wrong… this trick has been played out in every country which is now an Islamic State.. and those that tried to use Islam to gain power, were the first to be beheaded in the public square.
As enjoyable as it would be to see Leo Varadkar decapitated in front of the GPO, and Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn beheaded in front of Parliament, the result is too horrendous to contemplate, as UK and Ireland would have become Afghanistan…

This is exactly what happened in Iran, the Socialists joined with Shah of Iran to take over Iran – Once complete, 150,000 people were executed, many being the same left wing traitors.

Khomeini won over 50 Million people of Iran and after 40 years they are still in charge.

109 Quran versus out of 114 are about the destruction murder and killing of non muslims

Islam prefers slaughter to love and states exactly that in the Quran! Islam is a social, military and financial system which the left hopes to leverage. Yet, when Khomeini told the people to report communists to him, they did, even mother’s betrayed their own sons… and they were executed shortly after.

Islam is always in charge!

The Quran and Islam is about murder, conquest killing, bloodshed etc. and Western governments can see it is working – Islam is spreading and growing so they want to embrace it to grow their own power…

You can kill a person but not an ideology, which is like a disease. There is no moderate or weak muslim.

If the governments in Islamic countries were giving houses and benefits to total foreigners, there would be revolution and they would set fire to the government.

We look forward to Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and Leo Varadkar hanging in front of parliament…

Rent Boy Leo says Muslims are great for Ireland? Is that the black bags women have to wear? Or the Female genital mutilation? Is it the gender apartheid? Is it the rape and molestation of our girls? Or the killing of our children while muslims breed like rabbits?
Removing christian values and christian symbols from our schools and hospitals?

Why is a muslim terrorist group who is outlawed in Pakistan, allowed to have its headquarters in Dublin?

The entire political establishment, biased media and left wing apologists are dead quiet about it and quietly allowing Population Replacement to go ahead…

Wake up and start fighting back – we will need to make sacrifices… so that we can hand down the heritage we inherited to our children…

Telling it like it is….

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