French Leader, Moron, Commences Islamisation of France – Underestimates Islamic Supremacism

According to a leaked document Macron plans the total Islamization of France. France voted for it’s own destruction when European Union puppet Emmanuel Macron was victorious by a large margin over French nationalist Marine Le Pen. Leaked emails contain information that shows he is planning on proposing initiatives that will lead to the islamization of France and Europe, something which was specifically and verifiably warned about since 1958. The article titled “Paris will be destroyed from within”: by Billy Meier, 1981, will explain it. [embed][/embed] The EU dictatorship was also foretold in 1958 and you can now expect radical Islam to flood through Europe… and many other places. See also: “America Will Be Wrecked”, pertaining to what’s coming to the US around and after 2020. For those expressing scepticism about this, here is more information. The exact email is called “Fwd: Notes à date (1) : REGALIEN”, sent by que
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