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“Not Legally Binding” – When Voluntary Means Obligatory. How Establishment Betrays We The People

UK MPs Voted BRexit off the table but the word "Deal" appeared nowhere on the referendum ballot. "Not legally Binding" are phrases used all the time by Totalitarian EU Forces on Europe, which suddenly become "our obligations" once signed. Supremacist EU is taking out the champagne as its attempt to grab Northern Ireland for the EU, and trap UK in the EU looks like moving a step closer. EU wants a border in the Irish sea. EU is even trying to claim credit for the UK - Ireland common travel area which was setup in 1922!

The Positive Side of BRexit Mainstream Media Will Not Tell its Brainwashed Minions About 

The Globalist Mainstream media is hard at work trying to destroy BRexit and national sovereignty anyway it can with a deluge of doom and gloom concentrating only on the unlikely negatives ad infinitum... The EU wants the hard border to use as a tool to grab Northern Ireland and the occupation Irish regime are playing along... ...and if it happens it will be manned by an EU army... No other generation has signed away and sold their children away like this one has... To the EU and traitorous national leaders, the means is irrelevant, all that matters is the end goal, the destruction of the nation states through enforced racemixing and religious mixing and cultural mixing and mixing of customs and traditions... The entire political establishment, biased media and left wing apologists are dead quiet about it and quietly allowing it to go ahead... Wake up and start fighting back - we will need to make sacrifices... so that w

After EU Land Grab Attempt of Northern Ireland, “Troubles” Used As Fear Porn in Anti BRexit Propaganda

Rumors spread like wildfire as Derry, Northern Ireland, was hit by three security alerts on Monday. With panic setting in on social media the police are seeking to reassure people that a zombie apocalypse isn’t nigh. The alerts were sparked after two vans were hijacked by masked men and a third was reported abandoned outside a girls’ secondary school. Numerous people had to evacuate their homes as the cops established security cordons around the vehicles. A third security alert is underway in Derry tonight. An abandoned ASDA van has been left outside St Mary’s Secondary School blocking the road. Police cordon in place. Bomb disposal experts also carried out a controlled explosion in one of the vans after the suspects were seen throwing an object in the back of the vehicle before abandoning it. Meanwhile, one man remains in custody in relation to a car bomb that exploded in the city on Saturday evening. Nobody was injured in the incident. The city was the sce

Globalist Belfast City Council Captured By Islamic Council – Suspends Councilor for Critising Islam

WATCH & SHARE: Latest update on the SUSPENSION of Councillor Jolene Bunting and the FIGHT-BACK against it! She is in the High Court in Belfast, this coming Monday (12th November), to appeal her suspension from Belfast City Council, for raising concerns about Islam PLEASE SHOW YOUR SUPPORT BY SIGNING THE PETITION – NOW @ This video gives a full list of the complaints made against her, and by whom. It also includes a very important update in relation to her appeal against the Commissioners decision to SUSPEND her from her role as a democratically elected official and representative. She has been silenced, in a Politically Correct ‘Witch-Hunt’ for speaking the truth about Islam and Immigration. [embed]