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Deviant Priorities? Far Left Ireland To Implement Free Doctors Visits For Kids Long AFTER Abortions and Gay Marraige Implemented!

One would normally assume that in the so called "liberalisation" of a country as it falls under the grip of the "Liberal World Order", the free healthcare would be one of the first policy implementations. Ireland however seems to have started at the most extreme end of "liberalisation" by legalising abortion and gay marriage, long before free GP care for kids! Is this an indication of a selfish self involved population or a deviant anti conservative cultural marxist agenda? The Government’s long- planned scheme for free GP care for children aged under six is to come into effect in July after a deal was agreed with doctors’ representatives. About 270,000 children stand to benefit from the agreement between the Government and the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO). The scheme will provide for a new “cycle of care” for children with asthma. This will involve structured visits, education of children and parents, medicine and inhaler technique reviews and

Will UN Migration Pact Trigger Global Chaos and WWIII? Elites Want To Be Our Gods! 

Elites Fight God to Appoint Themselves as our gods with their own Degenerate Moral Code! Have Courage To Get Angry! The Liberal World Order has been working for decades to take over our world and enslave humanity as their subjects, serfs and slaves. The signing of the UN Global Migration Pact on 11 December will usher in this New World Order when UN will take over control of country's borders! This will surely end in chaos as billions of humans will flood West, turning it into a 3rd world hellhole! [embed][/embed] Immigration is The New Holodomor and Holocaust and another Irish Famine to Ethnically Cleanse and Disenfranchise The Irish and Europeans From Their Own Homeland, Heritage and Country! The powers that be want to create a low wage mixed race European Federation and they have the power to do it - they own the banks, the media, the multinationals and governments. At the highest level there is a war where elites want to remove an

Mainstream Brainwashing: “History Makes You Racist” – Eileen and Banrion Discuss Weeks Attacks 

It seems Ireland and the West are destined to repeat their mistakes time and time again. History is no longer simply being rewritten by the victors (Liberal World Order), but they now want to remove it completely, with stupid inflammatory phrases like History is racist! It appears all the criminals and Jihadis are making Dublin their home because it is such a soft touch and passports and residency are just being handed out to anybody no matter their background or history. The Liberal Establishment is very busy in the background, changing our laws, regulations, policies, history, etc. etc . [embed][/embed] The Garda are incapable, unequipped and too scared of dealing with these issues. All are too scared of being labelled as a racist even if it has nothing to do with racism. Meanwhile the Irish EU regime (FG/FF/SF/PBP) is too busy with secret deals to deal with the problems their virtue signalling has created. They are busy sucking up to

Hungary Understands The True Existential Threat Presented By UN Sponsored Illegal Immigration

Only Hungary Understands The True Existential Threat Presented By UN Sponsored Mass Immigration To Europe. Hungary has deployed 2,300 troops to defend the southern border from 70,000 illegals that have amassed there. By contrast Sweden allows Illegal migrants to rape 10 year children because Muslims put no value on children and women.   The examples throughout Europe are too horrendous and too numerous to mention, yet the Liberal World order and their complicit mainstream propaganda pretends it is normal... Apart from the constant rape of Europeans, which is NOT a crime to Muslims, 80% of Muslims migrants are on welfare, plundering the European financially too. Merkel is finally stepping out but Germans and Europeans will be paying for her socialist largess and virtue signalling for generations and decades to come and certainly Germany and Europe will NEVER be the same again... The killings, rapes, murder

Mass School Shootings are a Social Construct created by the Liberal World Order

Globalism and Multiculturalism Kills because there is no such culture such as "multi", so many kids from strong cultures feel estranged and isolated within this artificial construct where schools are too big, and have been mass produced with a "stack em high and sell em cheap" globalist approach. Multi-culture is NO culture so some understandably struggle to identify.