Guinness Betrays Ireland and Bows Down To Globalist Imperialism by Withdrawing Patriotic Advert

The Irish rugby team’s Six Nations campaign has patriotism in full swing, and pub tables are sagging under the weight of creamy pints of Guinness. But an ad combining the two was accused of disrespecting diversity. Guinness is an Irish institution, and a sponsor of the Six Nations rugby tournament. With the tournament underway, the stout-maker found itself in hot water with immigration activists for a series of seemingly innocuous advertisements placed around Dublin last week. The billboards reading “You don’t pick a side. Your grandparents have done that already”’ appeared ahead of Ireland’s opening match of the tournament against England in Dublin’s Aviva Stadium on Saturday. Proving that some people will try to ruin everything, journalist Mark Tighe and the taxpayer-funded Immigrant Council of Ireland savaged the company for failing to recognize the “huge benefit our diversity brings.” Tighe pointed out that two players on the Irish team: South
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