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End of the Right to Life in Ireland’s Constitution January-May 2018

These are all clips from RTE (Ireland's National Broadcaster) of the abortion debate prior to the Plebiscite (to call it a Referendum is a misnomer as its undemocratic and morally wrong for a majority to remove the FOUNDATIONAL human right TO LIFE from a minority of fellow human beings to the extremist ideology of killing them and robbing them of ALL their human rights). The result was as shocking as it was one of devastation personally for many who worked so hard to avoid this truly national tragedy. Generations after us will be embarrassed by this descendance to a dark chapter in our history. Weep indeed for your country!

Maria Steen interview on the 8th Amendment with Eamonn Dunphy January 2018

Maria Steen gives a superb interview on the 8th Amendment. So sad that so many did not listen to her! Our country is now plunged into a new Dark Age. Who would ever have thought that the Irish people would vote to kill the most vulnerable of our fellow human beings on would should be the safest haven for a child to be - their very own mother's womb! A very high price will be paid by so many for this truly gutless, barbaric & mindless decision!

“Wrongful Birth” Case:A mother is given €1.8 million compensation for NOT aborting her child!

This is the first deadly result of the abortion referendum when the concept of "wrongful birth" was the basis of a legal compensation claim. The State, instead of protecting the unborn, was now held accountable (literally as well as the sense of being blamed) for the birth of a fellow human being! The word "wrong" in this sense is not in the moral sense of the word but in the sense of making a mistake by the State not to have identified a medical condition of a long-term disability that would have justified killing in a cold utilitarian assessment. On wonders on that child's ultimate maturity will they ask themselves "am I here by pure accident of a failure to seek out and destroy me or am I here because I am loved? (Broadcast 20th June 2018)
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