“Open-border mass immigration is a poor man’s problem” – Pádraig on the Niall Boylan Show:

The Niall Boylan Show continued to discuss the topic of a new €65 Million tender by the Irish govt to provide new asylum centres in Ireland on the evening show. Pádraig called in and told Niall that believed asylum was an industry: “There’s a lot of people making money out of it — like you […]

Govt to spend €65 Million on new asylum centres | The Niall Boylan Show

Niall Boylan discussed the news that the govt is to spend €65 Million on new asylum centres in Ireland after running out of emergency accommodation willing to host them. https://www.thejournal.ie/direct-provision-centres-4785367-Aug2019/ Due to the capacity of the current Direct Provision centres being its limit, the govt has been spending €3.5 Million a month accommodating asylum seekers […]
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