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Coastal Communities Have Lived Off Traditional Fishing For 1,000’s of Years

Coastal Communities have lived off traditional fishing for thousands of years. Our way of life is being destroyed.

Author K M Breakey & Critiqued Have A Discussion

I have a discussion with K M Breakey author of the book “All Thy Sons” among many other books. We talked about Ireland, Canada and western culture in General and how it has changed and is changing. Please Like Comment and Share this Video. (recorded 22 June 2019 @7pm Irish Time) All Thy Sons can […]

Destruction at St. Michan’s church of 800-year-old mummy

At the weekend, the vaults in St Michan's church in Dublin were broken into and an 800-year-old mummy destroyed.

Horror, a True Tale by John Berwick Harwood

"And, rely upon it, the feeling of dislike and apprehension with which we regard, at first sight, certain places and people, was not implanted in us without some wholesome purpose. I grant it is irrational--mere animal instinct--but is not instinct God's gift, and is it for us to despise it? It is by instinct that children know their friends from their enemies--that they distinguish with such unerring accuracy between those who like them and those who only flatter and hate them. Dogs do the same; they will fawn on one person, they slink snarling from another. Show me a man whom children and dogs shrink from, and I will show you a false, bad man--lies on his lips, and murder at his heart. No, let none despise the heaven-sent gift of innate antipathy, which makes the horse quail when the lion crouches in the thicket--which makes the cattle scent the shambles from afar, and low in terror and disgust as their nostrils snuff the blood-polluted air."

“Out Of Africa” Finally Debunked? Africans Have an Archaic Admixture NOT found in Europeans and Asians (Video)

The Out of Africa hypothesis, much propagandised by globalist mainstream media and Establishment might have finally been inadvertently disproven by the Establishment itself through DNA technology and testing! It is already known Africans do NOT contain DNA from Neanderthals and Denisovans, that Europeans and Asians do, but it now appears Africans have ancient DNA that Europeans and Asians do NOT have either! This would make the much vaunted Out of Africa theory mutually exclusive and thus improbable. Sub-Saharan Africa is, geographically, the area of the continent of Africa that lies south of the Sahara. The first large-scale study of ancient human DNA from sub-Saharan Africa opens a long-awaited window into the identity and origins of prehistoric populations. Whole-genome sequences of Sub-Saharan tribal DNA shows that the ancestors of the hunter-gatherers interbred, be it through rape or otherwise, with one or more archaic human populations, and contributed archaic g

Globalism Means Locals Cannot Buy Houses In their Own Towns. “Brittany is not a second home!” – Breton Independence Movement

A group of Breton nationalists have denounced the number of holiday or second homes in Brittany, launching a campaign against “real estate speculation” in the region popular with out of town or foreign holidaymakers. The group, called Dispac’h (or “Revolt”) in Breton has denounced the “real estate speculation related to the development of second homes” on the […]

Ireland’s Government Thinks Irish DNA is SUBHUMAN and Plans to Spend Billions Replacing The Irish!

In a classic example of cold meticulously planned genocide, this deal with the devil is a horror story that is being played out time and again in the rural heartland of all European Nations. The Irish example, with its upcoming referendum on Abortion, clearly illustrates and exemplifies the rape and destruction of Europeans, in exchange for Coin, disguised as the "moral high road". This well practiced act of crime against humanity, that is being inflicted upon the very defenseless, well meaning citizens of European nations is nothing other than Selling out Kith, Kin and Country for Coin or False Virtue.

Learn Irish with Dane – How to say Happy in Irish

In this video I will give you some words and phrases to express happiness in the Irish language, I will use slow and clear pronunciation to help you learn Irish better. Don't forget to subscribe for more great videos.

Beautiful Irish Words – Learn 6 of the most Magical and Mystical words in Irish

Learning Irish really helps you see the world through a different lens and in this video I will show you how. I will explain 6 of the most beautiful and mystical words in the Irish language and how they can help you see the world in a more respectful way. This video will help you learn new and beautiful Irish words and is suitable for all levels, if you want to learn Irish or improve your standard of Irish please subscribe.

How to Text in Irish – Abbreviations for Texting – Learn Irish Language

In this Irish Language video I will give you ten shorthand abbreviations in Irish that you could use when sending a text message. Learn some new words and phrases in Irish as well as learning more about how to text in Irish. If you would like more Irish language videos please hit that subscribe button. Grma.

Pronunciation Guide Irish Language – Mh, Ph, Sh, Fh, Th, Bh – Learn Irish

This video will focus on helping you pronounce certain consonants where H is the second letter, this Irish language pronunciation guide will help you to become more confident when reading and speaking this beautiful language.

Irish Language Pronunciation Guide – The Fada’s – Learn Irish

In this Irish language video I will explain how to pronounce and write the fada's in the Irish language, I will give you some new words and phrases and explain these fada's in clear and simple language. This Irish language pronunciation guide will help you to speak and write better Irish.

Irish Language Lessons – St. Patrick’s Day and the Parade – Learn Irish

In this Irish language lessons video I will show you some words and phrases to describe St. Patricks Day and the Saint Patrick's day parade. I will speak slowly and clearly and provide subtitles for your convenience.
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