We Want #FullEnglishBRexit – UKIP Seeing a Membership Surge as May Betrays Brexiteers

Given the massive increase in membership numbers for UKIP in the past 2 months, as well as current polling, the more May fails at Brexit, as she most certainly currently is, the more UKIP will see a significant resurgence with a potential 17.4 million support base…

That would force the Cuckservatives to form an alliance with UKIP and still keep commie Corbyn out.

Even patritotic conservative Youtubers Count Dankula and Paul Joseph Watson are joining a string of Tory voters dismayed with May’s Brexit plan, to bolster UKIP’s numbers.

If Nigel farage decides to run for leader of UKIP again next year, then the conservative party have had it. His popularity has grown tenfold since the referendum and Trump becoming President.

“Theresa May must go, we need a Brexiteer in Downing Street to deliver the will of the people” says Janice Atkinson MEP as poll reveals that Brits would rather back no deal than PM’s #Brexit plan.

Don V

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