Veil of Secrecy Around Illegal Migrants and Direct Provision, Ripe For Fraud, Corruption and Vote Rigging!

What if Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil were putting Direct Provision Centres in Councils where they are weak? What if Direct Provision Centre Managers hire and subcontract family members? What if a councilor sells his brothers house to the council to be used to house illegal aliens? What if he, through a proxy, buys a house or a few houses even, and then sells them a few months later to the council for refugee housing at an inflated price?

Will we ever know? According to a Spokesperson for TD Mick Wallace, it is none of our business! He claims the funds are not from tax payers and therefore no accountability or transparency is required! Is the EU paying to insert foreigners into our towns and villagers and then letting them vote?

These ideas are not far fetched. Only this week we heard that NGOs are training Illegal Aliens on how to lie in order to get asylum and how to act and pretend trauma, with props and all!

And if you dare make inquiries or question what councilors are up to? They either ignore you or just send in the Guardai to interrogate you for “islamophobia”, putting the fear of Allah into average citizens and literally shutting them up! This actually happened in Kilkenny where 14 homeowners and tenants were interrogated simply because they signed a petition wanting more information, and to be kept informed about the council’s plans with their estate! Tenants were also kicked out to make way for the illegal aliens because it was required by councilors…

If a businessman or hotelier is willing to sell Kith, Kin and Country for Coin, he already does not care about election or fairness or even the Irish people. Marcus White who betrayed the village of Lisdoonvarna, had a history of hiring illegal aliens.

At the main reception centre in Balseskin, as with all centres, there are many juicy contracts to be had, from providing meals for 400 illegals, doing the laundry for these VIPs that are housed there, providing security, transporting them to town to collect their bribe / welfare payment, providing medical and advisory services, maintenance, etc. etc. etc. Balseskin was meant to be closed in 2006 and according to a source, is managed by the wife of one of the directors and a manager is married to a cop who does background checks on asylum seekers and staff, a bus driver is kept on despite many complaints of racism….

Would be asylum seekers land at Dublin Airport, look for an official, claim asylum, are bussed to Balseskin for a shower and a meal, and then get on a bus to Belfast to claim asylum in UK! As many as 30 at a time, yet no one bothers to question it or mention the missing illegals the next morning? Might this be the reason EU and their rent boy Leo, are so desperate to keep the border open?

A former Fine Gael Councilor who was secretary of a company providing DP services in Rooskey was at the centre of electoral fraud allegations involving migrants!

It has been revealed by Roscommon People that a former Longford Fine Gael Councillor called James Keogh was secretary of the company Abbey Castle Accommodation which signed the contract recently to provide Direct Provision services for the Shannon Key West Hotel in Rooskey. His post was terminated on the second of November this year. Three days later, on the fifth of November the Rooskey community were informed that their hotel would be used to accommodate asylum seekers.

On November 8, The Roscommon People reported that James Keogh’s sister, Christina Barry, is one of the Directors at Abbey Castle Accommodation and that James Keogh attended a private meeting which was chaired by Fine Gael Local Area Representative Andrew Reynolds on Monday night in Rooskey where local community groups, the local school principal and the two local GPs raised concerns over the plans for the hotel.

Reynolds said that Mr. Keogh had informed him that he was acting “on behalf of Abbey Castle Accommodation” and that Keogh asked him if his catering business could “provide 70 hours of labour” for the centre but he had declined this offer.

Mr. Reynolds then informed Mr. Keogh that he would have to make that offer known to the public and invited him to the subsequent meeting that Monday night.

The Independent states that in 2010, the High Court heard that an asylum seeker claimed James Keogh who was then an asylum centre manager and owner of Richmond Court Accommodation Centre in Longford, had paid money to residents of the asylum centre in return for votes

As a result of the man’s complaints about this and other matters, he was “ejected” and told he was to be transferred to another centre, it was also claimed.

Earlier in the month, the man was told he was being transferred to Limerick after he was accused of being abusive to staff at the centre, the court heard. He denied the accusation.

In an affidavit, the man said he made a complaint to gardai over the alleged electoral fraud involving residents and Mr Keogh and it was the subject of reports in the media. He also made formal complaints about the food at the centre, and gathered signatures from 22 others.

He said the food was inedible and that people had become ill after eating it. He claimed there was no security at the centre, and last November an intruder assaulted another resident.

He also said his bedroom and belongings had been searched by staff members. He said he received a letter from the Refugee and Integration Agency on January 15 saying that he had been transferred to Foynes in Limerick.

He said he was also told by Mr Keogh that the reason for the transfer was over his objections to the food. He said his belongings were later thrown into the street.

He said that the letter also contained unspecified allegations that he was abusive and threatening towards staff at the centre, which he denies.

In his action the man is seeking a number of declarations including that the “unregulated” nature of accommodation of asylum seekers is unconstitutional.

He is also seeking a declaration that the nature, manner and operation of the the “Dispersal” and “Direct Provision” systems, where accommodation is provided for asylum seekers, is incompatible with the State’s obligations under the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights.


The Independent reports in another article that in 2009, Gardai confirmed to the ‘Longford Leader’ newspaper that they had set up an investigation into claims about fraudulent voters on the supplementary register and claims that voters were paid to vote. Questions have also been raised about the late addition to the supplementary register of more than 50 asylum seekers living in the Richmond Court hostel in Longford town.

But Mr Keogh said he had not carried out any canvassing of those staying in his asylum centre.

“We’re very strict. It’s run as a business. It’s definitely not me that put them on the register,” he said.

Two asylum seekers living in the Richmond Court Hostel spoke out to dismiss local rumours that residents there had been paid money to vote. Robert Munkoh and Nii Abladey, both from Ghana, said they had wanted to take part in the democratic process.

THE validity of the local election results had been cast into further doubt after the discovery of another empty house which was given as the address for multiple immigrant voters.

The four-bedroom house in Longford town was supposedly the dwelling place for eight immigrant voters, but it has had a “for sale” sign for the past month and neighbours report that it has been empty since at least Christmas.

There were 1,921 people added to the supplementary register in Longford town council area and almost half of them (961) were foreign nationals.


Direct Provision has been described as “legalised people trafficking” by Fianna Fáil TD Eugene Murphy. Speaking in the Dáil, Deputy Murphy said the practice needs to end.

This is after the two hotels in Wicklow town and Rooskey in Roscommon were chosen by the Department of Justice to be opened as Direct Provision centres as other centres are at full capacity.

To be honest, I refer to this as legalised people trafficking. That’s what it is.” He told Leo Varadkar, who is hard at work smuggle in as many migrants as possible before the 25th November deadline after which they won’t be able to vote in local elections…

We even have rumours of black people being solicited at Dublin airport to ask if the want to claim asylum…

Don Murray

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  1. Yes, the corruption is deeply rooted. Nepotism is rife too. A manager married to a cop, who does background checks on asylum seekers and staff. They have even managed to pull the wool over the Minister of Justice’s eyes. Unless….? BUT things have quieted down, like a lull before the storm. I have a feeling of impending something..


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