The Irish paid the blood price to reach and stay in America, unlike the entitled migrants being paid to come to Ireland!

Are you sick of being told over and over again by regressives “sure, didn’t the Irish go to America?” Then pay attention…

To compare our Irish ancestors with the hoards of fake asylum seekers Ireland is buying “to support our economy” is such a big lie and insults the heritage of our ancestors. They worked very hard to make a living and raise their family, they didn’t get everything handed to them for free just for existing.

Apart from those taken as actual slaves, the tragedy of their plight is also when they escaped the famine, many being evicted in a real disaster as opposed to merely fleeing economic hardship, they ended up being conscripted, even fighting each other under the Union and Confederate flags. The fields of Gettysburg, Shilo, Bullrun Creek, Harrisburg, Fredricksburg, etc. are testament to this. They helped build America with the sweat of their brow and blood from their veins.

Likewise in South Africa many an Irishmen found himself fighting his brothers in the British Army or had to carve out a living for themselves in an unforgiving and unimaginably harsh environment by today’s standards…

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