Yet another Yellow Vest Organiser Jailed For Simply Attempting to Organise Protest in France!

A 28-year-old Frenchman has been sentenced to six months in jail after he published a Facebook post attempting to organize a ‘Yellow Vest’ blockade of a local petrol refinery, according to local reports. Hedi Martin was arrested in Port-La Nouvelle, southern France on January 3, shortly after publishing the post on Facebook, la Dépêche reports. In his post, Martin called for a ‘Yellow Vest’ blockade of the petrol refinery in the coastal town, urging people to “stand up to the CRS [riot police],” according to WSWS. State prosecutors noted video footage of Martin on his Facebook page at several Yellow Vest protests in the region, and criticized him for allegedly resigning from his short-term contract at a chocolate factory to “spend between four and seven hours every day” demonstrating. The state prosecutor had reportedly sought a harsher penalty of two years imprisonment and a three-year protesting ban. However, the fact that Martin had not actually
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