Women With Four or More Kids Exempted From Tax For Life – Hungary Secures Its Future!

HUNGARY’S GOVERNMENT IS greatly increasing financial aid and subsidies for families with several children, the country’s prime minister said yesterday. The measures announced by Viktor Orban during his “state of the nation” speech are meant to encourage women to have more children and reverse Hungary’s population decline. The benefits include a lifetime personal income-tax exemption for women who give birth and raise at least four children; a subsidy of 2.5 million forints (€7,817) towards the purchase a seven-seat vehicle for families with three or more children; and a low-interest loan of 10 million forints (€31,271) for women under age 40 who are marrying for the first time. Orban, who has made “zero tolerance” for immigration his main theme in the past four years and was elected to a third consecutive term last April, said the initiative is meant to “ensure the survival of the Hungarian nation”. “This is the Hungarians’ answer, not imm
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