#LeoOut Is The Carbon Tax Another Way To Drive Debt Slavery And Evict Irish People From Their Homes

Will Leo Varadkar's proposed Carbon Tax be yet another weapon to squeeze people into debt slavery and evict Irish people from their homes to make way for "new Irish", and new profit for banksters? Anger at arrogant Leo Varadkar and complicit Michaél Martin is rising Fast, Just like in Europe and UK, Irish people are slowly finally waking up and even certain very small pockets of mainstream media, are starting to see the huge disconnect between what happens in reality, and what is happening on TV, mainstream social media and in the elitist political agenda. Will the carbon tax be Leo's undoing? Like Macron? [embed][/embed] Leo who was not elected by the people and did not even get the majority support from his party and Michaél Martin, who is a self confessed traitor who said Sovereignty is a backward idea... The Referendum Scams, Manufactured Consent and Minority Dictatorship in Ireland have brought people to rise up: Leo Varadkar’
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