Sweden Commits Official Genocide According To U.N. Definition on Genocide!

According to the United Nations definition of Genocide, point (e), states that transferring children from one population group to another, is genocide. This is exactly what Sweden has done by forcibly transferring children to be adopted by a Muslim family. A Russian father, who fled with his three daughters to Poland, going against Swedish social services which put the children in a Muslim foster family, finally received justice as a Polish court allowed the girls to stay with him. On Wednesday a Polish court decision, ruling that Swedish social services had violated an EU convention that forbids placing children in foreign cultural environments, ended a forced separation of a father and his daughters who are 12, 6 and 4 years old. Denis Lisov, who came to Sweden seven years ago, learned that social services decided to take away his three daughters and place them in a Muslim foster family after his wife was admitted to a hospital with mental illness. The services de
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