#NOtoRSE – Tomboys do NOT want to be boys! TV Viewers, Take Control Of Your Little Brain Now

Take control of your mind and reject the fake propaganda mainstream media that is trying to turn you into some transhuman transgender Frankenstein destined for a lifetime of not fitting in and emotional pain! It will create a generation of lost misfits that the following generation will have to fix. Tomboy girls do NOT want to be boys, they just like being outdoors, playing rough and dirty! Intervening in children's undeveloped sexuality is Frankensteinism creating lifetimes of imbalance and heartache and exclusion. Forcing sexuality onto innocent children is child abuse. By putting adult views on children we are creating a generation that has been systematically and institutionally been abused. This will made the Catholic Abuse like child's play... [embed][/embed] The entire political establishment, biased media and left wing apologists are dead quiet about it and quietly allowing it to go ahead... Wake up and start fig
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