#LeoMustGo Leo Calls Public Outcry Of Roscommon Eviction Hate Speech! Alastriona and Eileen Discuss

Alastriona and Eileen discuss Rent Boy Leo's claim that the public outcry on social media over the violent and illegal eviction of a farmer in Roscommon is hate speech! They also cover many other related topics... The Gardai are incapable, unequipped and too scared of dealing with problems created by globalism. All are too scared of being labelled as one or the other ism even if it has nothing to do with racism. Meanwhile the Irish EU regime (FG/FF/SF) is too busy to deal with the problems their virtue signalling has created. They are busy sucking up to every and all diversion and perversion that you can think up... To the EU and traitorous national leaders, the means is irrelevant, all that matters is the end goal, the destruction of the nation states through enforced racemixing and religious mixing and cultural mixing and mixing of customs and traditions... The entire political establishment, biased media and left wing apol
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