Deviant Priorities? Far Left Ireland To Implement Free Doctors Visits For Kids Long AFTER Abortions and Gay Marraige Implemented!

One would normally assume that in the so called "liberalisation" of a country as it falls under the grip of the "Liberal World Order", the free healthcare would be one of the first policy implementations. Ireland however seems to have started at the most extreme end of "liberalisation" by legalising abortion and gay marriage, long before free GP care for kids! Is this an indication of a selfish self involved population or a deviant anti conservative cultural marxist agenda? The Government’s long- planned scheme for free GP care for children aged under six is to come into effect in July after a deal was agreed with doctors’ representatives. About 270,000 children stand to benefit from the agreement between the Government and the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO). The scheme will provide for a new “cycle of care” for children with asthma. This will involve structured visits, education of children and parents, medicine and inhaler technique reviews and
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