Innocence is Not The Same As Ignorance, Which is Putting People’s Lives in Danger!

The E.U. struggled to make a deal with China without the UK and Italian Support. Seems China knows EU is NOT Europe! How long will Mother's Day survive under the current culture of Islamic apologism and appeasement, where anything from our christian values is an open target. Now Mother's Day is even insulting to the transgender cry babies... China, who the EU is always pointing at as an enemy does not want to do trade deals with EU because UK was not there. However China is used as an excuse to form the EU army as if the EU was Europe. When it is clear the EU is about the German and French and the smaller nations are just there give it legitimacy. [embed][embed] Smaller countries like Ireland are really irrelevant no matter how far they bend over. Not having any real conservative voice, Ireland is being destroyed by the left, including the so called centre right mainstream parties who embrace left wing policies. Innocence

Is Your Investment Portfolio Funding Communist Chinese Oppression? It likely undermines human rights in China!

Marion Smith is executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. Does your retirement plan or investment portfolio undermine human rights in China? For millions of Americans, the answer is yes. They unwittingly hold or benefit from investments in companies that enable the Chinese Communist Party’s oppression and imprisonment of the Uighur people. Consider two Chinese firms, Hikvision and Dahua Technology. They supply about one-third of the world’s security cameras, but in their home country, both companies have received government contracts — totaling more than $1 billion — to install a vast surveillance apparatus in the western province of Xinjiang. “The projects include not only security cameras but also video analytics hubs, intelligent monitoring systems, big data centers, police checkpoints, and even drones,” Charles Rollet wrote in June in Foreign Policy. Beijing has deployed the system to try to control the predominantly Muslim

Irish National Animal Rights Association Too Scared of Being Called Racist To Protest Against Zimbabwe For Exporting Baby Elephants To World’s Biggest Animal Rights Abuser, China

Supporters of South Africa Fight For Rhino are outraged against the National Animal Rights Association in Dublin that cites racism when asked for assistance in peaceful protest. While the world is up in arms and everybody stands together in the fight against the Zimbabwean export of baby elephants to China, NARA in Dublin stands back. This outrage against the export of baby elephants come after the release of video footage from animal activists in Zimbabwe. Filmed were 35 stressed baby elephants that were forcibly taken from their herds. If successful, they will be kept in zoos in the world’s biggest animal rights abuser, China. The animals appear 'wide-eyed', defensive, and show obvious signs of stress in the footage, according to campaign group Human Society

#GCP #NationalizeGoogle? Google Warned: Stop Your Treason and “Don’t Do Evil” or We The People Will Come After You.

Steve Reports that Google is planning a return to China with a censored search engine. Elitism: This most important term is not actually the elite, you can be part of the elite and still be on the side of the people, but elitism, elitism is an ideology that prioritises the interests of those at the top, and has been the dominant ideology in American politics for the last few decades. A big part of elitism is globalism, the idea that we should put some vague notion of the Global interests ahead of the National interest. There was a story this week that is a perfect encapsulation of elitist globalist thinking and I want to start with it tonight. It was reported that tech giant Google is working with the Chinese government to develop a search engine that implements the regime's censorship of information it does not like. This is part of Google's plan to get back into China after it pulled out in 2010 in protest of the Chinese Governments hacking of Gmail. This story i
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