Ben Gilroy, a Yellow Vest Leader and Anti Eviction Activist Jailed for 3 Months at Mountjoy!

Journalist Gemma O’Doherty talks with #BenGilroy’s wife Sarahjane outside #Bridewell Garda Station #Dublin. Regarding Ben been given a 3 month jail term by Judge Brian McGovern in High Court to serve at #Mountjoy. In recent years, Gilroy has also campaigned on a variety of populist issues. He has spoken out against abortion, the EU and vaccinations and is an ardent supporter of failed presidential hopeful Gemma O’Doherty. He has recently become involved in one of the Irish versions of Yellow Vest movement and was involved in protesting against the eviction of the McCann family in Strokestown, Roscommon last month. Gilroy, a former bodyguard, has stood as a Dáil candidate on two occasions for the Direct Democracy Ireland party. In the 2013 Meath East byelection, he surprised many with a relatively strong showing; coming in fourth and comfortably beating the Labour candidate. The decision by Mr Justice Brian McGovern to imprison B
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