While Italy and Hungary Reward Families, Ireland’s Death Cult Attacks Families and Family Values

While Italy and Hungary Reward Families and encourage them to have children, Ireland's Cult of Death Attacks Families and Family Values. As Ireland hurtles headlong into absolute cultural marxism where everything is objectified and families are deconstructed, it seems free abortion on demand and abortion tourism is inevitable, despite denials that it would never happen from the ministers of the cult of death that currently rule in Ireland. A Death Cult which will not hesitate to use the most horrendous grotesque method to murder babies in the womb... at the very time that they spend millions bringing 3rd worlders and their children in to Ireland... They literally murder their own children whilst importing the children of 3rd worlders - there can be no greater treason and evil... This attack on Christianity accompanies an attack on sovereignty and resources as witnessed by gay marriages and murder of unborn babies with th
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