Globalist Traitors Merkel and Macron Sign treaty To Start Merging Germany and France Into One Country!

Yesterday (22/01/2018) the leaders of France and Germany met at the small town of Aachen to sign the Franco-German Treaty on Cooperation and Integration. The mainstream media have been largely silent on this event for two reasons; firstly, they’re aware that it’s unpopular and confirms the fears of Euroskeptics within and without, and; secondly, other European and global issues, depending on where you get your news, have dominated the landscape, conveniently burying what is a great stride towards total European integration. President Macron and his apparent new political guru, Chancellor Merkel, have declared to the public that this treaty builds on the Elysee Treaty, signed by Chancellor Adenauer and President de Gaulle in 1963. Their words, in public at least, have attempted to frame this as part of the long-term reconciliation process between the two European giants – but in reality, this is nothing of the sort. This treaty, which has been dubbed the Aachen
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