Globalist attacks on BRexit same as attacks on Irish after voting NO in the Lisbon Treaty Referendum

Feelings are sacred now, countries are not... Ireland was the only EU country to put the Lisbon Treaty to a popular vote and they rejected it. Brussels then launched a secret plan to force Ireland to vote yes in a second referendum. An explosive secret document was revealed that exposed the deliberate push to make Ireland vote again and make them vote yes - this happened in October 2009. Likewise a document has been revealed showing similar manipulation and secrets arrangements on BRexit between May and Merkel. The only way out is NOT to vote for FF/FG/SF/PBP/Labour/SD etc. [embed][embed] BRexit is deliberately being turned into a complete disaster to scare any other EU countries from even thinking about it. And it is working! The British are standing and marching against what has been done, but the Irish seem to be docile and accepting of anything that gets done to them... Even Africans would not allow their c
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